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Happy Friday!

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?  Jason, who?? 

Lark Publishing - Studio Series

Well, it's lucky for me!  I was the winner of one of the fabulous Lark Books that Cyndi over at Beading Arts and Mixed Media Artist is giving away this month.

Cyndi with Beading Arts

And guess what?  It was the Earrings Book!!

Can You Believe That?  Earrings are my FAV!

Earrings Studio Series
Lark Books

(Insert Shelly doing the "Happy Dance" here)

You really want to check this out because there's lots more books to be won this month, so don't miss out!

Oh, and I'm not doing too well on my Earring Wire video tutorial thing I mentioned a few posts back.

I may have to pull out the old PDF's of the earring classes I've taught and post those here for you until I can get the video thing to work out like I want it to.

I'll keep you updated on that over the next week or so - okay?

I hope your Friday the 13th is a very lucky one!!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, Lucky Numbers and Silly Superstitions!!