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Black and White Jewelry Challenge Reveal!

It's time for the
Black and White Jewelry Design Challenge
hosted by the ever-so-talented Sally Russick with
The Studio Sublime!

Those of you who know me or have followed my blog for awhile know that I LOVE Black and White Jewelry!

You can check out my post here that I did when I got back from Italy last fall with mention of the B/W trends to come and see a couple of other pieces I've done in Black and White here, too!

When Sally, who's also the host of the fantastic
Focusing on Life: 52 Photos
weekly photography challenge I participate in each week, sent out a call to participate in her Black and White Jewelry Design Challenge, I signed up in a heartbeat! 

Here's what Sally's instructions were for us:

The Challenge:

  Design a piece of jewelry that uses only black and white in the design. 
It can be elaborate or minimalist but only in black and white.

Exceptions To The Rules:
1.  wire, metal or chain in silver, copper, brass, bronze, white or black can be used.
2.  crystal or crystal AB color beads can also be used to ACCENT the piece.
I kept it pretty simple, but this is what crept out of my mind and through my hands.
I was in a "60's Mod Mood" designing these black and white hoops and ovals
that I created using sterling silver wire and black and white seed beads.
They're fun,...and they feel good on.
I'm not sure why I enjoy Black and White Jewelry so much.
Maybe because it's 'safe', as I call it.
It goes with everything, you can't really go wrong, color-wise, using black and white.
Or maybe it's the mystery of black, the purity of white, and the contrast of the two.
I did a bit of 'hand-crocheting' with
white freshwater cultured pearls, faceted clear quartz
crystals and moonstones on some Black C-Lon Cord.
It catches your eye.
It's dramatic.  It's got flair.
It's just pretty!
Black and White - Czech glass beads, pearls and a rustic pewter cross
knotted on black Irish waxed linen.
Thanks Sally for creating a blog hop that has flair and drama!  It's been a blast creating Black and White Jewelry!
Now, hop along down the list of participants below and check out all the Black and White jewelry they have created for this challenge - I'm sure it'll be an  eye-pleaser!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creating in Black and White!
List of Participants:


Black and White! And All Those Other Colors,.....

When I returned from Rome last September I mentioned all the fabulous Black and White fashion I saw in the shop windows over there and how excited I was to see it!
(You can see my post about it here)

I even created these Black and White bracelets as a sort of "Tribute" (if you will) to the Trending Fashion scenes I drooled over while in Italy.

Well, it's still a happenin' combo - Black and White - especially this spring!

I'm not sure why I love Black and White (and Clear - love Clear Crystals and Stones!!) so much.

Maybe it's the endless possibilities that go along with this color scheme. Or the way it's so bold, yet unoffensive (Sorry, but yes, some colors, arranged boldly in strange combos can be almost offensive to look at!)

Recently I created more of the Black and White style combo that I like, only this design has more of a Romantic, Bohemian look and feel. Not so bold or "Art Deco" looking, but rather soft, casual and fun.

Black, white, grey/gray, clear - yes, these are my 'go to' colors. And blue. Every shade of blue.  I mean, what's not to love about blue, right?! Oh, and browns,.....(Geeze, I'm boring!)

I tend to pick colors that are safe. Safe for me. Meaning, no matter what I create using them, they're bound to look some what appealing. It's kind of like my favorite blanket or sweater I wrap around myself,...they're comfortable, safe and predictable.
Even with multiples,...I'm still being 'safe' with my use of color

I'm working on being conscious of adding more colors to my designs this year and trying colors that are different and new for me.  It's a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, especially considering that I LOVE bright colors - specifically in flowers, nature and certain types of art work.
Do you find yourself drawn to certain colors more than others? Do you wear certain colors more or design with certain colors over and over? 
Ah yes, these have all my 'go to' colors in them!
Do you follow the Pantone Colors each season and use them as a guide or do you just let your heart tell you what to choose?

My heart loves deep, dark red and bright pink.  Okay, so I have designed with those colors before,...because they do go fabulously with my 'safe' colors.

Brandi Hussey's starting a new blog called "Oh The Color". I credit Brandi as one of the folks who've helped me branch out a bit and not be so afraid to design with more colors. She's also one of the reasons my photos are getting better. 
You can see why, here.

You should really go over and check out her new blog.  I believe it goes live on Monday, but until then, she's got some awesome (as always!) photos and equally as awesome colors up to drool over!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Dreaming in Color!