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FOL14 - Week 14 - Morning Moments

It's week 14 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime has given us the theme of "Moments" for the month of April.
This week our prompt is
"Morning Moments".
Sally asked us to photograph what our Morning Moments consist of; whether it be a quiet, coffee drinking moment or a mad dash to get the kids off to school, a 3a.m. feeding for those with little ones or stolen moments waiting for the train or bus to take us to work.
Most of you know that I capture as many 'Morning Sunrise Moments' as possible.
Despite the fact that I LOVE the time where the sun starts to rise and it goes from dark to light and the day officially begins,
my favorite morning moment is actually chatting with my son for a while
 before he leaves for school each day. 
But, since he wouldn't let me
snap his photo (surprise!)
or capture any of these moments on film
(digital camera! LOL!),
I captured this Morning Moment instead,
Yep, pretty much everything is 'outta-focus' until I have this! :-)
Ah, the morning Cup O'Joe!
It's my second favorite morning moment.
Okay, well maybe it's my third, favorite!
Please go check out what
Morning Moments
every one else has captured this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Morning Moments!

Focus On Life: 52 Photos - Week 29

This week, Sally over at The Studio Sublime, prompted us with:
She asked us if we had a daily routine that we looked forward to each day and this week we were to focus on the beauty and comfort of our every day routine.
Well, it's summer. So there's not at much routine early in the morning as there is during the school year (yeah!) but there is one thing, no matter what time of year, that I do consistently each morning.
As the hubs is asleep in my office (yep, my studio/office got moved into the bedroom a few years back when we moved into this house) I bring my laptop out, fix a cup of coffee, fill my pink water cup, read over and add to my 'to-do' list for the day, enjoy a magazine or book of some sorts (usually a beading magazine or book) and catch up on emails and blog posts/comments.
I broke down and used my phone for my photo this week because, yes, my camera was in my office (aka-the bedroom) and as I sat here today I realized that this was the one thing I do, religiously, every single day, so I had to capture it or the day would go by and I wouldn't get the chance until tomorrow morning. And, tomorrow morning, I'd be in the same boat with my camera in the bedroom, still on my desk, and my phone out here,....waiting to be used for picture taking.
To-do list, bead mag, water, coffee and my trusty computer with it's
'old' Windows 7 technology and no 'touch-screen'!!
Some of you know that I don't have a very good relationship with my iphone camera like some people do. I can never seem to snap a good pic. And, since everyone else takes amazing pics with their iPhones, it has to me me,...the user,...not the phone or app or any thing else.
I played around with the camera, the apps, etc. and decided it wasn't too bad. So there you have it.

I've officially gone off the deep end and actually used my phone as it was intended - as a camera!

Now, hop on over and check out what everyone over at the Studio Sublime has posted for their "Routine" today, won't you!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Clinging to my Routine!

**I'm enjoying 'Family Time' from now until the last week of July as my brother's have flown in and we're having our Brothers/Sisters Family Reunion with everyone.

Please forgive me if I don't make as many comments on everyone's blogs as I normally do. I'll try - but the internet in the mountains can be a pain when everyone's trying to use their smart phones to post pics, etc.

It's not like the big city!!