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A Door - Focus on Life: 2014 - Week 36

Our topic for September for the Focus On Life: 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge is


and for week 36 Sally prompted us with

 'A Door'

Well, if you didn't already know, I'm a bit obsessed with doors.
I've got a 'Door Porn' board over on Pinterest 
that helps feed this obsession. 

So, when we got the prompt for this week I thought, 
"Yeah Baby! I'm not gonna have any problems with this week's prompt!"


Other than the grocery store and my house, I haven't gone far this week and didn't manage to capture even one photo of the cool doors I saw down in Mexico last weekend. (really?!?)

So, I leave you this week with one of my favorite door photos of all times.

Italian villa in Sommocolonia, Italy. Photo by Michelle Buettner

This beautiful home is in a little hilltop village called Sommocolonia
above the village of Barga in Tuscany, Italy. 

Sommocolonia is a magical place. 

When I die my ashes could be spread up on the hill, underneath the remains of the magnificent stone towers where the memorial plaque to the Buffalo Soldiers of WWII hangs, and I'd be eternally happy. 

This village is 'A Door' to another world.

 Simplicity rings through out this beautiful hilltop village, behind each door, and welcomes you with open arms. 

I'm excited to see what simplistic doors the other participants were able to capture this week.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and A Door to a Simple, Peaceful Place!

**I posted early because I'm down in Tucson at the Fall G&LW Gem Show tonight!
I'll try to visit and comment on every one's posts on Sunday!**


It's That Time Again,...

For More Door Porn!
Click to Enlarge!
Sorry. I Just Couldn't Resist!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Drooling Over Doors!

Focus on Life: Week 9 - Knock, Knock!

It's week 9 of Sally Russick's weekly photography challenge

"Focus on Life: 52 Photos".

Here's what Sally wrote to us for this week's prompt:
Knock, Knock!
A door opened and I went through it.  ~Temple Grandin~ 
"Let's open some doors to see what awaits us on the other side.
Is it a door that holds opportunity?  A door that holds a story?  Is it a door you have been hesitating to open?  Is it a gate to a new life?  A door to a new adventure?  Is it a door that holds a memory?  Is it the perfect door for a simple picture?
You have arrived at the door for a reason,
open it up and step in!"

Oh my, if I needed a prompt to photograph a door!

Along with flowers and a few other things, doors are my favorite to photograph!

For me, they all hold a story, a secret, an opportunity,  some mystery, security, a new beginning, a special memory.

I call this  "Doorway to the Sea".  It is in the Cinque Terre Region of Italy.
The Ligurian Sea is on the other side. 
This is by far, my favorite photo I've ever snapped of a door because
being here was a dream come true and this is where I go when I day-dream!


Doors stir this fascination in me that I can't quite place
and trigger emotions that elude words.

These are the front and back doors to my sister and brother-in-law's cabin.
Not only do these doors lead to one of my favorite places on earth, inside these doors are some of my best memories and it's as close to "home" as I can get.
Inside these doors I feel safe and secure, comfortable and inspired.
Oh, and of course I use the back door - you read the sign, right?? :-)


Doors have all these textures, colors, and styles.

Then there's the materials,...wood, metal, stone, glass.
Each one unique. Beautiful in it's own way.

And, no matter where your travels take you,
you can always find a door.

We were walking in Venice at night and rounded a corner and
look what door if saw!!  It wasn't so much this door that caught my attention. 
It was what was inside this door that I longed to see!
Ah,...a "missed opportunity" as the Swarovski
store was closed, but the photo opp was not to be missed!


I snapped so many door pics from my trip last fall that I thought my sister and brother-in-law were going to schedule and intervention.  Follow this link to view a blog post on some of my "Door Porn" as I call it.

These doors hold mystery. We all wished we could peek inside. They are my symbol of Tuscany.  This home is located in the small hill top village of Sommocolonia, above Barga. I've photographed these doors (this house) more than any other doors ever!

The doors I have pictured here today for you are just a few of my collection, along with their special meaning to me.

 Do doors hold a special meaning to you?

This is probably my second all-time favorite door photo I've ever taken.
It was taken from inside the church on the highest hill in Barga, Italy.
It represents "the world out there".  The beauty to be seen and appreciated.
The history to be cherished and preserved.  The adventure and opportunity that awaits.
There are days when I go here in my dreams too,...I walk outside this church and
stand in the warmth of the bright sunlight and breathe in the surrounding beauty.
Outside this door I am at peace, and so is the world. 

Please step on through to the doors that the other
photo challenge participants have posted over at The
Studio Sublime today.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Meaningful Doors!

Door Porn!

Click here to see
My Bead Table Blog Hop
from Saturday, October 13th.

Happy Sunday Folks!

I have what some people might refer to as a slight obsession with photographing doors (peeling paint, rusty key holes, iron work and all that yummy stuff that goes with doors.)

Click to enlarge photos to see details ;-)
While I was on vacation last month I had the most wonderful opportunites to snap a bunch of photos of some of the above mentioned subjects.

Yep, I went to Door Heaven!!

Oh, the textures!  And the colors,

And the intricate details,....OMG!!

The angles at which I was able to take photos wasn't always my first choice, nor did they all come out the way I wanted them to - but at least I have them. 

Napoleon's "Boat Park" Door - Venice, Italy

If not the way I want them on my computer,
I have them the way I want them in my mind!! ;-)

This was one COOL Cat!!

I'm linking up with I Heart Macro over at
Studio Waterstone today.

Sill So Regal!
If you get the chance, hop on over and check out all the super-cool macro shots that people have posted  - they're always drool-worthy!

Until Next Time,
 Peace, Love and Door Porn!