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Our Summer Picks for Jewelry

We're ready for summer - you?  Here's our picks for summer fun with your jewelry!

Okay - Pearls, first (of course, right!?!)

Wear pearls mixed with chains for a light and airy feel. Pearls mixed with chain and other stones are so hot right now! Long, short, either way is fine, just make sure it compliments your outfit and doesn't over power it. Too much is never a good thing,....really,......even with pearls!

Color - Summer always seems to burst with color so layering on some Gold, Silver, Copper and even base metal brass chains are sure to keep this color thing in check for quite awhile. Mixing in some natural stones, some clear quartz (which is ultra hot again folks!) is always a great way to show off or liven up those colors you love wearing!

Speaking of color, THE HOT COLOR for summer(and possibly fall if you ask us) is TURQUOISE - yep, Turquoise. We said it a bit earlier this year and it's true - and oh so lovely. Living in Arizona we see not only the color turquoise a lot, but the actual stone as well, and it's anything but drab and old!  Try mixing some neutral colors with your tuquoise jewelry and then adding a punch of deep red, lively lime green or punchy peach - it'll make your summer designs pop with color and spunk.

Summer screams silver to us here at MiShel Designs - light, airy designs in silver that you can wear during the day and easily take into the hot, sizzling nights are a must have!   Try some silver bangles, silver stackable rings and awesome silver hoops or other eye-catching earrings - they'll take you effortlessley from your fun lunch with the girls to that special night out on the town with style and sophistication!

Lighten up and have fun with your jewelry this summer - it's easy, it's fun and it's beautiful!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Great Summer Jewelry!!

Artbeads Components Review

We've been ordering components and supplies from and using their items in our designs for about 5 or so years now, so it was really wonderful when they asked us to review some of their products here on our blog.

We create lots of jewelry using some very basic 'staples' (as we call them) such as 2mm seamless round beads, as well as various styles of chains, some pendants, Swarovski Crystals and more from and we've chosen several items which we'll post over the next month or so to blog about. We're very lucky as put no stipulations (include the "good, the bad, and the ugly") on how we review any of these produts.

Many of the items we will blog about will have not only the featured item included in the design, but several other items from artbeads as well. And, we're going to include links to all of the items we use so you can easily find them for your own beading pleasures!

Since it's basically summer time (well, here in Arizona it is because it's already hit 100 degrees once this year and it's supposed to be 104 in a couple of days!) we decided to do our first review on a wonderful little Thai Silver Sun Design Pendant - in the Hill Tribe Silver Pendants Section of - and it couldn't have pleased us more!

We wanted to create a lightweight, airy and fun pair of "summer" earrings - your 'go to' earrings for all summer - so, we paired these little beauties with some faceted citrine we picked up at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this February and hand forged these large oval hoop ear-wires with sterling silver 20 gauge round, half hard wire for the beads and pendants to dangle freely from. Very simple, yet versitile and fun!

We were very pleased with these little pendants when they arrived. The thickness of the silver is quite nice - not too heavy, yet not so light they will bend. The antiqued (blackened) sun pattern in each pendant is quite nice and each one shows slight variations of the pattern due to the individual hand-crafted nature, allowing them a truly organic look and feel.

The 'bail' on each tiny pendant is perfectly suited for the size of the pendant, yet is still large enough to be strung with seed beads, or anchored on to flexible beading wire for a multiple-strand necklace or bracelet.

These little pendants/charms are perfect for designing a cute pair of earrings (our choice), hanging them on a bracelet with other small pendants and/or charms to create a really cute 'moving' bracelet or for putting one center stage on a small chain with a few natural stones, beads or gems (pearls!!) to have a simple, yet striking necklace.

Rating these (our idea - not on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best and something we'd highly recommend) we'd give these little Thai Silver Sun Designs Pendants a perfect 10 and not only because they're right up our alley as far as their style goes, but for their durability and quality, their fantastic price - only $3.89 each! - and their unlimited design options. Plus they're super stylish and fashionable right now, too!

Please weigh in and let us know what your impression of these earrings are using's Sun Design Pendants.
Until next time,
Peace, Love and baby!!