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Focus On Life - Weeks 43 and Week 44

I missed a week of the FOL:14 photography challenge while I was back home visiting family, but Sally had a little 'oops' moment and so this week's prompts are 'Two For One' - Week 43 and Week 44.

Week 43: Your favorite color 

  I'm not sure what my favorite color is - kinda depends on my mood and my surroundings, or where I'm at, at the time.

When I think of my favorite color(s), images of Sunrises, Sunsets, the Ocean and beautiful fall trees come to mind. 



So that's basically all colors, wouldn't you say?!!

And now,....

Week 44: An ordinary photo of the extraordinary everyday,...aka take a photo of what ever you would like and post it!



 This photo was taken on an extraordinary day spent with one my nieces. 

  We had the most lovely time and the beauty around us was anything but ordinary!

Let's see what everyone else captured this week, shall we?


Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Extraordinary Beauty!





This or That Thursday!

We took a paddleboat ride this week. 
Grapefruit for our neighbor!

Refreshments for the trip around the lake!

Our neighbor tried to take our picture,
but it came out a bit blurry!

That little black spot up in the sky - it's one of the bats that
come out at dusk. They're so cool!!
And, I was fortunate enough to capture some
sunrises and sunsets this past week, too.




Arizona really does have some beautiful skies!

Sunset over the Lake

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Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beautiful All Around!