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Life and Major Do-Da

Sorry for the silence on the blog - there's been so much going on this month that I'm having a hard time catching my breath.

So far in June we've had a weekend with friends, traveled out of state to meet up with family for a brief time, have had senior photos taken, dentist appointments, international travel for work is about to take place and all the classes have been written and put together, jury duty is coming up, we are having meetings with the college for the Fire Science course our son will be taking next year, have had a friend's father pass away and just the other day one of our good friends and neighbors here in our cul-de-sac passed away as well. 

We're all trying to cope at the moment with this fast track of a train called life.

Needless to say, I'm still going to try to pull together the Pearls! Pearls! Pearls!! blog hop that's scheduled for June 29th. I may just facilitate it with the InLinkz code at the bottom and some interesting pearl information and fun links because I seriously doubt I'll have time to create anything new myself.  But we'll see.

I will keep you all posted.

I do apologize for not posting all the interesting Pearl blog Posts that I had wanted to post this month so that you could find some fun inspiration to help you along with your creative endeavors.

I'll be in touch as soon as I can. 

Until Next Time,
Peace and Love,

Focus on Life - Week 23: From Where I Stand

For week 32 of the
Focus on Life: 52 Photos Challenge,
Sally over at The Studio Sublime
prompted us with,

"From Where I Stand"
I regularly like to walk barefoot in our grass. 
Feeling the earth beneath my feet is both energizing and grounding at the same time for me.
I talk to God/The Universe and meditate a bit.

Taking in the earth, the smells, the feelings, the sounds.

Focusing on gratitude and life at that moment.
I'm so grateful to have what I do and be where I am (despite the 100+ temps in the summer).
 Earlier this week after a bit of rain, I stepped out and took some deep breaths and looked down.

This is where I stand!
Sally's  having a bit of a problem with her blog this week so her post might not be up for a bit, but here's where everyone else stands - go check 'em out!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Standing Grounded!

This or That Thursday!

You should see the amazing photography that goes on over there  - I mean really, from all over the world - it's breathtaking to say the least!

Here's what's happening this Thursday with me,...I've been having trouble posting to people's blogs for over a week now.  I put the comment in, type in my name and url and then hit the comment button and it just makes the things I typed disappear - "POOF"!

Or, it will tell me that I don't have the authority to comment and asks me to sign in again, and again, and again.

So, I've somehow managed to completely mess something up.  I even googled things to find out I'm not alone in being computer challenged, but nothing suggested has helped (because I probably didn't follow their advice right!).

Needless to say, this has frustrated the daylights out of me to the point where I think I might seriously want to think about switching to de-caf, but only AFTER I chuck the computer into the lake and then lock myself in my studio with some great tunes and a nice bottle of wine this weekend and forget about cyber space for a couple of days!!

Poor Spider - his home was blown away!

I'm sure this little spider, who dashed under the leaf right before I 'clicked', felt the same way this week as all his hard work was totally destroyed in one teeny-weeny second by this big gust of wind - just poof - gone, like my blog comments!

What Lovely Color Will This One Be?

However, seeing there's some beautiful roses ready to burst on to the scene made my computer problems seem completely insignificant - as they are - and both the spider's web and the budding roses made me reflect on how magnificent and fragile, yet strong life, in all forms, is. 

Almost Ready!

How precious, special and what a blessing to be in the midst of it!
(even with computer woes!)

So Precious!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and "Life", Baby!!