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Focus on Life - Week 23: From Where I Stand

For week 32 of the
Focus on Life: 52 Photos Challenge,
Sally over at The Studio Sublime
prompted us with,

"From Where I Stand"
I regularly like to walk barefoot in our grass. 
Feeling the earth beneath my feet is both energizing and grounding at the same time for me.
I talk to God/The Universe and meditate a bit.

Taking in the earth, the smells, the feelings, the sounds.

Focusing on gratitude and life at that moment.
I'm so grateful to have what I do and be where I am (despite the 100+ temps in the summer).
 Earlier this week after a bit of rain, I stepped out and took some deep breaths and looked down.

This is where I stand!
Sally's  having a bit of a problem with her blog this week so her post might not be up for a bit, but here's where everyone else stands - go check 'em out!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Standing Grounded!

Walk in the Woods - I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!

I went for a walk in the woods with the hubby
this weekend while up at my sis's cabin.

Some of the weeds are almost as tall as Mike!

We got some cool shots of the bugs and butterflies,

and flowers and other things.

I'm linking up with I Heart Marco over at Studio Waterstone this Sunday (it's been awhile for me!).

Hope you'll hop on over and check out all the gorgeous photos - they're amazing!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Enjoying the Outdoors!


Annie Girl - she's a bit camera shy!