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March Merriment! (And some Aquamarine and Pearls!)

March in the Arizona desert is one of my favorite months because the weather is usually so amazing!

The citrus trees are blooming and smell fantastic, the birds are singing extra 'pretty' and the sky seems to burst each day with colorful sunrises and sunsets.

I have several family members and friends who have birthdays in March and it's my birthday month too,
so March is special to me.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March
and it's one of my favorite stones.

Each year during the Tucson Gem Shows in February I try to snatch up a few of these precious gems and then create something for my birthday as my gift to myself.
(I know, kinda weird, but that's just me!)
This is what I created this year. 

Hand-knotted faceted Aquamarine nugget focal with faceted Aquamarine roundelles,
faceted Labradorite rounds and freshwater cultured Pearls. Handcrafted
sterling silver hook clasp.
It's an asymmetrical, hand knotted necklace and bracelet with pearls (of course), aquamarine and labradorite. There's also a piece of ancient Roman Glass (love this!!) from Happy Mango Beads thrown into the bracelet mix.

Hand-knotted faceted Aquamarine nugget and roundelles, faceted Labradorite rounds,
freshwater cultured Pearls and ancient Roman glass from Happy Mango Beads.
Handcrafted sterling silver hook clasp.
The pieces aren't totally 'matchy-matchy' but they're still similar enough to be what I would call a 'set'  
It's a bit unusual, but I like that!
I love reading about gemstone lore and learning the metaphysical properties of the stones I'm wearing or using to create jewelry. 
I feel the energy in the different stones brings the piece to life, so to speak, and gives it an inner meaning that speaks to the wearer, offering up a sense of protection, guidance or clarity to things.
Here's some of the metaphysical properties and folklore of the stones within this set:
Aquamarine: It is said to be the 'stone of sailors', as they believed it would protect them on the water.  
The Romans used it for diseases of the stomach and also believed it could alleviate or cure liver and throat problems. 
Aquamarine represents Courage, peace, balance, preparedness, purification self-expression and intuition.
PearlsThe mystic properties of pearls lend them to be associated mostly with women and they are known as the ultimate gemstone for feminine energy.

Pearls are said to represent purity, faith, loyalty, truth, integrity, fertility, charity, innocence, spirituality and wisdom (to name a few things).

Some cultures use pearls as a way of helping women to connect with their “inner goddesses” and pearls are believed to help you focus, keep you centered and to give the wearer a sense of calmness.
Labradorite:  It is believe to be a stone of transformation that protects you through change by reducing stress and providing clarity, insight, patience, peace and sense of good timing, while increasing intuition, mental illumination and helping with subconscious issues.
One of my niece's and I used to call Labradorite, 'fish-stone', because we thought that its color and iridescence was like that of some fish scales.

Which makes it perfect (in my opinion) to pair with pearls and aquamarine.
You know, other 'water-stones'.  (grin!)

Do you have something special you do for yourself for your birthday or during your birthday month?

I'm curious.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Aquamarine,...with Pearls, of course!


Focus on Life 201 - Week 9 - Macro

It's week 9 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime has given us the theme of "Checking Out" for the month of March.
Sally explains this month's prompt, "March for me is the beginning of Spring and a good time for checking out!  There are many definitions of "checking out", but I'm talking about checking out and exploring the world around us.  Some times when we are checked out of life and checked in to technology we tend to not focus on the amazing things that are happening around us every minute of everyday."
For week 9, our prompt is:
Macro Shot
"This week we are going to get up close and really check things out!"
I just LOVE macro shots!
Click photo to enlarge :-)

I'm much better at drooling over them than I am at actually capturing them, but hey, I have fun trying!
 I spent last weekend 'checking out' Jerome, AZ with my sister and a couple of friends and was happy enough to capture some cool macro shots of the beautiful, fresh flowers that were on our table at The Flatiron.
Everything about The Flatiron was super!
From the relaxed atmosphere, to the awesome meals that Chad prepared, to the fun banter that could be heard between Jen and Amy behind the bar area.

This place was rockin' the cool-vibe

My sister's waffles on Sunday!  Yummy!
And, just so you know, they have the best coffee on the planet! (thank you Amy!)
And some really beautiful flowers that make for great macro shots, too!

Click to enlarge photo collage :-)
Please click on all the links below to check out what gorgeous, up-close macro shots the rest of the Focus on Life gang has captured this week, okay?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Macro Lust!