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Focus on Life - Week 19: HOPE

Our prompt for week 19 of the 
This week my mind kept turning to today.
 Today's an anniversary. Not the good kind.
Tears were there many times before I could stop them; so they just fell. 
You're thought of every day sweetie, more people than you could probably ever imagine. 
Wade - Thanksgiving 2009 - Hindman Cabin, Nutrioso, AZ.
Your selfless actions and those of your fellow Marines are appreciated beyond what many of us can express.
Today's a reminder that because of the actions of others I have HOPE in my life for a Peaceful tomorrow.
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and HOPE


The Key to the life I'm so blessed to live
is held by,....
Those who serve.
I am grateful for their sacrifice
and that of their families.
Thank you.
Honoring all U.S. Veterans this weekend.
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love,...and dreaming of the day where we won't need anything else.