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Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Update

I've had some people message me that they 'missed' signing up for the Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop that we're doing with the reveal date on June 29th.


I wanted to let everyone know that since I'm doing a link-up via Inlinkz, anyone one who wants to just 'hop along' with us on the reveal date, which is  Sunday, June 29th, is welcome to just jump in that day and join in our fun with Pearls! 

This makes it super easy for people to join in the fun if they feel like it at the last minute and it also gives people who might not be ready on the reveal date the opportunity to back out with out anyone knowing. (sweet, eh?!)

And, I like the Inlinkz link-up because it gives you just a little 'sneak-peak' of what someone has created. 

Plus, if you don't have a blog, but want to link up via your facebook post or your Flickr account, the Inlinkz link-up makes it convenient to join in with out having to have a blog or do a lengthy post if you don't feel like it. 

And, you can also link-up with a photo over on Instagram now too. How cool is that?! 
Click here to go to the Inlinkz Blog and see how to do it.

For those of you who have 'signed up' for the Pearls Blog Hop, if you've sent me your email, then I'll be able to give you the Inlinkz code the night before the hop so you can post it on your blogs too, if you'd like. 

But, don't feel like you have to have the Inlinkz thing on your blog post if you don't want to.  It will be on mine so all you'll need is a link to my blog or my actual post on the 29th of June. 

So, easy peazy, right?!!

"Freya" by Michelle Buettner - aka, me ;-)

Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in the Pearls Blog Hop. It warms my heart. Especially since I've been a bit out of the loop this year with work and all,...makes me feel like I'm not missing as much as I think I am! LOL!!  

I have missed quite a few hops that were right up my alley - like Diana P's Waxed Linen Hop that just happened and Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party, just to name two (out of more than 10 that I wanted to  participate in!!). 

Yes, it's been tough missing out, but I've had fun seeing so many fun and beautiful designs as I've tried to visit as many people's hops and blog posts as I can.

Okay - it's time to get your pearl-mojo going.  There's tons of Pearl inspiration over on Pinterest if you get the chance to hop over there and take a look. 

Here's  a link to my Pinterest Board

Via -
And remember, what you create doesn't have to be jewelry or jewelry related. 

It can be anything.

Lamp shades adorned with pearls 
(I really want one of these!), 

Pearl Lamp via A Bit of Bees Knees Blog
Shoes adorned with pearls 
(yes, I'd love a pair, thank you!),

Via -

writing journal adorned with pearls, 

Pearl Journal via Pinterest

home decor items, and the list goes on!

By Soiree Supply on Etsy

 I'm going to be doing a few "Pearl Posts" through out the month of June with various types of pearl info, but if anyone has any questions, please shoot me an email or message me here on my blog or over on facebook (just FYI - I'm not on FB all that much anymore, but I do scoot over there at least once a day) and I'll answer you as quickly as I can. 

Have a great week everyone!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Fun with Pearls!



Keep Calm and Wear Kick-Ass Pearls!

My apologies if I offended anyone with the Kick-A** part here,
but ya know,
life's too short not to wear your best pearls!

Or your favorite ones.
Any time, or night.
Doesn't matter the season,
Pearls go with anyone, for any reason.
Recently a dear friend of mine had this to say:
"I'm normally not a pearly girl but the way you do them, I am becoming converted!!"
I told her that was my mission in life: 
Pearl Converter.
Once everyone on the planet falls in love with them like I have,
my job on Earth will be complete.
 May the sun always shine when you need it to,
And the wind always be to your back.
May happiness be yours in whatever you do,
and may gorgeous, kick-ass pearls be the adornment you never lack!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!



Pearls Reminder,...

I just wanted to send out a reminder that the Pearls! Pearls!! Pearls!!! Blog Hop Sign Ups are Going on this week.

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 25th and the blog hop will be on Sunday, September 15th.
Click here to go to the original blog post for more info
and to sign up. 

Thanks to everyone who's already signed up!!
It's gonna be a fun hop!
Miss Layla in MiShel Designs Pearls!
Why yes, Little Miss Layla is totally rockin' some gorgeous pearls!
Thank you for noticing.

But then,
she's been rockin' pearls
since she was just a baby!!
I've had some people ask questions regarding how to integrate pearls into their jewelry designs and what to do if you'd like to LOS your pearl and metal/wirework piece but don't want to harm your pearls and things of this nature.
Freya Pendant - Blackened Silver with Pearls and Turquoise
I'll be doing a blog post early next week that addresses some of these issues so that you'll have it for some guidance and I'm hoping it will help spark your interest in using pearls in many different ways.
Peace Bracelet - Pearls and crystals hand knotted on waxed linen
Because remember, even though the pieces I will create will be jewelry related ('cause that's what I do!), you're not limited to just creating jewelry with your pearls - you can crochet mittens decked out in pearls or knit a lovely scarf with pearl dangles (gosh, I wish I could do either of these!!) or you can create some cool wine charms with pearl dangles, be-deck your wine glass or your sunglasses even - you name it! 
Nicholas Kirkwood's Pearl Laced Satin Pumps - via Pinterest - are totally awesome!
Just get your pearls out and have some fun!
In the meantime, hop on over to my
for bits and pieces of inspiration to get you in the
"Pearl Designing" Mood, okay?!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!

June Pearls!

June's birthstone is the lovely and ever so fascinating PEARL!! 

My son was born in June and since pearls are my all time FAVORITE gemstone, I thought I'd show you a couple of pieces of awesome jewelry here - to entice you, of course!

The June Summer Sale over on my Etsy shop is going on now through June 22nd and you can save 15% on your total order.

Just enter JUNE15 upon check out to get some of these gorgeous pearl designs (and all other designs, too!!) for a spectacluar price!

And, here's a few Pearl Tid-Bits, too:
  • June's Birthstone is the Pearl
  • Pearls are one of only a handful of organic gemstones. (Organic gems come from things that were once living or were produced by a living organism and include not only pearls, but amber, coral, ivory, and jet.)
  • Pearls were once believed to protect sailors from storms while at sea.
  • Pearls are the most widely chosen gemstone for bridal necklaces.
  • Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but pearls are a "cultured girls" best friend!!
  • Metaphysically Pearls are believed to encourage open, heart to heart communication, to allow you to see the good within yourself and to protect the wearer from harm.

And, my favorite quote: (Author Unknown) "Pearls are the Gem of Queens and the Queen of Gems!"  (Gotta Love That One!)

So, as summer is now officially upon us (as of 10:31a.m. the news reported today), enjoy the Summer Season by hanging with family and friends, soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors and by happily celebrating the beauty of Pearls in your own, stylish way!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and "Pearls Baby"!!

That's AMORE! Week 6 of YOJP 2011

 "Infatuation" was created for Week 6 of YOJP 20111 using the theme "Amore".  I thought of love, Valentine's Day, hearts, the color red, and all sorts of corny stuff,...but nothing was really tripping my trigger, so to speak.

So, I fixed a nice, refreshing 'girlie' cocktail and sat down to 'ponder' my sketches and notes,...and then it hit me! My pretty little drink was "Amore"!  I mean, after all, it did embody soft, feminine style in both color and taste, and it was VERY "GIRLIE" and reminded me of TOTAL LUXURY, and I said "That's Amore!" 

I fused some 20g round .999 fine silver and then forged a heart shape. I hammered and textured it and added MY favorite symbol of love - PEARLS - these specific ones I purchased during the Tucson Gem show from Majestic Pearl and The American Pearl Co. and attachd the heart with pearl dangles to some fabulous light peach fairy ribbon that I purchased from the great folks over at Fusion Beads.

I designed a pair of earrings, complete with my own "Sexy Norm" style 925 sterling silver earring wires to compliment this very delicate and feminine piece of jewelry (wish I could tell you where these cute hearts came from, but the receipt and business card I had asked the man to put inside my bag was no where to be found - but it was at the Windmill Inn during the Gems Show, of course!) and then I sat back and enjoyed my beautiful cocktail and listened to Dean Martin sing,..."That's Amore!"   LOL!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and well,....Amore!