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Focus on Life: 52 Photos - Week 45 - Industrial Photography

It's week 45 (Holy Cow Smokes Batman, where has the year gone?!) for the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly challenge hosted by the talented Sally Russick over at
The Studio Sublime.
Our prompt this week was:
Industrial Photography:  It's amazing how something perceived as cold and whose purpose is to perform a function can have a beautiful soul."
Well, this got me thinking - as our weekly prompts always do.
On Halloween, our son (aka - the Masked Rider) took a pretty good spill on his motorbike while taking it for a spin around the block here in our subdivision. I was at the grocery store when this happened and, long story fairly short,'s the gist of it.
Normally, the "Masked Rider" looks like this when he rides his dirt bike (even around the block, pretty much!):
This day, he was dressed like this:
Logan was actually wearing only a tank top, basketball shorts and his riding boots when he crashed.
And, this is Mike's motorbike, which is much smaller than Logan's.
And this is what happened when he decided the street would look better paved with his skin than with the asphalt that was already there,....
Yep - OUCH!  His hands were the worst - well kind of!
Nope - not a pretty sight.
Didn't feel too good either according to Logan.
Lesson learned: always wear your helmet, NO MATTER WHAT!!  And gloves, a long sleeve shirt and some pants couldn't hurt, either! :-) 
We're the luckiest and most grateful parents on the planet that he didn't hit his head (which didn't have a helmet on it and although it's pretty hard, it's not that hard!!) and that this didn't turn out worse than it did.
But, I thought about what Sally said in her prompt. How something cold and 'industrial' (if you will) can have a beautiful soul.
Well, 'Scrape' as he's now referred to, is chomping at the bit to get back on his bike and ride. To him, it has a soul. It's beautiful in his eyes.  (it's his fault he biffed it he said, not the bike's fault)
So, here's a piece of 'soul' from his bike:
This is a pic I took of his broken muffler.
It wasn't broken in the crash, but it was a kind of cool angle/pic to get - so I grabbed it!
And yes, he's doing fine - thanks to all of you who follow me on facebook and sent well wishes. They were greatly appreciated!
Then there's this. This definitely has a soul. And, it's back in use. It's the water line from Grandma Emma's cabin that burned in the Wallow Fire a few summers back.
Utility pipe that was burned in the Wallow Fire at Grandma Hindman's.
It's now in use at the new cabin that's over close to where the old one was.
Now, it's back up and running to the new cabin that's being put in close to where Grandma's was!
How beautiful is that?!
Not exactly sure if these are considered 'Industrial' photos or not, but I thought this was a very cool prompt this week Sally - I'm looking at things in a totally different manner than before and am excited to see what every one's going to post this weekend.
I'm prepping for a show tomorrow, so I may not get to every one's posts until next week - sorry about that!!
Now, hop around today and see what other beautiful, industrial souls were found this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Feeling Blessed!

Focus on Life: 52 Photos - Week 26: Your Choice!

"Whoa-oh, we're halfway there,...Whoa-oh,....Livin' on a Prayer!"
The words to this Bon Jovi song have been going through my head all week.
So appropriate too, considering we're halfway through the year at week 26 with the Focus on Life: 52 Photos weekly photo challenge with Sally over at The Studio Sublime! 
Wow,...times flies, eh?!
For week 26 of the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos challenge, Sally's prompt was this:
Your Choice!  This week you get to choose. Pick your own prompt! 
Wow,...the possibilities truly are endless with this one, are they not?
I chose to snap a pic of my son next to this metal statue in this little town not too far from my sis's cabin. 
Despite the fact that the "Masked Rider" (pictured here with out his helmet) pretty much hates having his picture taken, he thought this statue was really cool - considering the subject matter.
He said, "That's how I feel when I'm on my bike, Mom.  Riding fast, hair on fire, having the time of my life!  This is exactly how it is!" 
"What?!! You ride 'hair on fire' fast?" 
"Yep, I sure do!"
"With your helmet on, right?'
"Of course. I'm not stupid!"
"How do you know your hair's on fire?"
"Trust me!"
(!!!!!!! - insert 'Mom Stress' here - !!!!!!!)
So, on the eve of my 'Baby's' 16th birthday, I thought this was the appropriate photo to post this week.
Here's to you sweet boy!
I hope you have a Fantastic, 'Hair on Fire' kind of Birthday!!
Now it's time to hop on over to the Studio Sublime and see what every one else captured with their prompt of ????? Your Choice!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sweet 16!!

This or That Thursday!

Traveled just outside of Payson this past weekend to get out of the heat and let the "Masked Rider" enjoy his motor bike.

"Mom! I said NO MORE pictures!"

We went to one of the trails listed in this book.

See the Crystal - it was just laying on the ground - how awesome is that?!!

Yep,...that's a huge-ass crystal
that was just laying on the ground.

It's basically the size of my loupe! 

The spot is called Diamond Point for a reason!!

The Hubby with the "Masked Rider"

The hubby and son had some fun!

Ants, ants, and more ants, you see them?!

Saw lots of ants all over the place - even on these little flowers.

Cute, isn't he?!

Had fun snapping some pictures and sitting in the hammock drinking one of these.

Ah,...sipping a Dos Equis!

It was a lovely day!

Arizona is truly a beautiful place!

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Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Fun Times with the Family!