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Focus on Life: Week 46 - Reflect

This is week 46 for the Focusing On Life: 52 Photos weekly photography challenge and our host, Sally, from over at the Studio Sublime gave us this prompt:
Week 46: Reflect
"The start of the Holiday season is coming up quickly whether we are ready or not, so before jumping in to all the hustle and bustle let's take a moment to slow down and reflect on all the joy, peace, happiness and love we already have in our life."
Wow - how on earth do I capture all the joy, peace, happiness and love that surrounds me in one photo - especially when all those I love and find joy with are spread through out the country?
Yep - a bit more challenging than it sounded when I first read this prompt last Sunday!! 
Last year during this time of year I was whining to my brother-in-law (aka - Older Wiser One) one day about how rude people were during the Holiday Season and how I thought this was supposed to be the "Happiest Time of the Year!"  And  his response went something like this,....
"There are people who don't feel the same as you do during this time of year Shelly because maybe they've lost a loved one and they're missing them.  Or maybe they can't be with the ones they love during the holidays and this makes them sad. Or, perhaps they are trying to figure out how they're going to put food on the table and they're worried there won't be enough money to feed the ones they love. Or maybe, they just don't have people around them who care about them like you do."
'Older-Wiser-One' is such a downer sometimes! 
But he was right. 

I needed to step out of my 'bubble' and realize how lucky I was and just accept things for what they were and not expect everyone to feel the same or act the same as I was acting and feeling.
(Just take things as they come and don't judge or be offended!)
So, this week I chose to "Reflect" on how lucky I am. 
(Truly Blessed - despite how some weeks I seem to forget this!)
And I wish those who might be feeling down or in despair the comfort and luxury of Joy, Peace, Happiness and Love as our year slides into its final weeks.
Until Next Time,
May Everyone Find Their Little Slice of Joy, Peace, Happiness and LOVE!