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Etsy Shop "FINDINGS UPDATE" is Complete!

The "Findings Sections" of the MiShel Designs Etsy shop  was updated today with new Ear Wires
and a few other things as well.

Be sure to get things while you can this month.  

Once they're sold out, I may not be able to add any more until next month when I do the September "Findings Update". 

And again, for those of you who order in large quantities (from 30 - 100 or more pairs of ear wires at a time) from me, please convo me with your requests when you need them and I'll arrange a personal, custom reserved listing for you.

Happy shopping!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Updates!

Changes And An Etsy Shop Update Status

I wanted to post a reminder about the CHANGES taking place starting in August and let you know the next SHOP UPDATE in the FINDINGS Section of my
(scroll to the bottom to see the date of the next shop update!)

All the finished jewelry in the MiShel Designs Etsy Store will be for sale as normal, but my ear wires and components (Findings) will be changing to a 'Monthly Shop Update' as far as listings and availability are concerned.

 Because I do so many custom orders for ear wires and things of this nature, it's been challenging to keep certain findings in stock or to regularly stock new jewelry designs to my store, which in turn has caused me to fall behind on things that need attention in both my business and personal life.  

So to remedy this, I'll be putting up listings for specific styles and amounts of ear wires and findings each month and I'll make the announcement of the date of the scheduled update and again when it's updated.
When they sell out, they'll be gone until the next month's Shop Update when I re-stock.

This should keep me on a more organized schedule, make shipping a couple of days faster and allow more clients to try various styles of ear wires and other findings.


A win-win for every one.

I'm going to do my best to adhere to my Shop Updates 'dates' that I announce, but if you ever have any questions you can message me on Etsy, over on Facebook or email me at!
And, for those of you who like to purchase larger quantities and custom orders of the ear wire styles that I make, please convo me on Etsy or email me at anytime to check on having me set up a reserved listing for you and I'll do my best to work with you and accommodate your requests.
The first "Findings Shop Update" will be Tuesday, August 6th, 2013
Thanks for continuing to follow along and for your patronage over in my Etsy shop - I truly do appreciate it and I think these changes will be better for everyone!
Have a great week!!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Growing with the Changes!