Hanging in Roswell with the Aliens!

Okay, so it's Sunday morning and we're waking up in Roswell, NM!  The tow truck towed us in around 1:30a.m. this morning and Mike's already apologized to our neighbors for our very late and very loud arrival.

Strangely - happily so - the folks next to us (Fred and Julie, and their daughters Tommie and Alex) own a garage in Albuquerque and Fred's a certified Ford mechanic,......hmmmm,...what are the odds?

Fred's under the hood helping Mike and he lets him know the fuel pump seems to be the problem. He gets it running good enough for us to get into a garage on Monday morning instead of having to be towed in!  Woo Hoo!   Fred let's us know that if we don't want to fix anything there in Roswell, we're more than welcome to head up into Albuquerque and he'll go over it himself and get us on our way safely!  What a nice guy and what a wonderful offer. However, since we're still working this whole thing out with our insurance company, we're told we must keep it in Roswell to get it fixed. So, unfortunately we don't get to travel to ABQ to visit with our new friends - but their gesture was greatly appreciated!

We call Sunshine cab in Roswell and Steve, the cab driver, comes out to pick us up so we can go to the airport (yes, they do have a small one in Roswell) and get a rental car to drive around town in while the RV is being fixed the next day. Oddly enough, when Mike and Logan explain the situation to Steve, he not only recommends the same mechanic by name (Jody) that our tow truck driver recommended the night before, but Steve actually hands Mike the man's buisness card!  Okay - weird coincidences happen often in Roswell, don't they?!

As we get back to the Rv park, we decide to head on down to Carlsbad Caverns in the rental car and enjoy our Sunday since there's not much else to do!  Logan and I experienced Carlsbad Caverns a few years back with my sister Marsha and niece Misha.  We tell Mike what a treat he's in for and it's pretty hot out by the time we hit the caverns so we can't wait to get inside where it's cool!  As we promised, the caverns are wonderful and Mike's impressed and Logan and I are proud of our excellent tour guide status!

As we arrive back to the RV Park later that night and get settled in with a movie, we are excited to get the RV fixed the next day and get back to our scheduled trek across the country. My boys are wanting some beach time down in Texas!!

Until Next time, 
Peace, Love and Cool Caving!!

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