~ Shel ~

Okay - so here's the scoop:


Michelle, Shelly, Shel - it's all the same!


Pearls, Gems (jewelry in general), Jazz, 
Life, Family, Friends, Photography, Wine,....and so much more! 

Favorite Quote:

"Keep Calm, Wear Kick-Ass Pearls and Carry On!" 
~True Author Unknown~

I like to hand knot Pearls and put them in designs with various metals, leathers, cords and other interesting materials.

I wear pearls with everything and I believe pearls go with anyone, for any occasion, anytime, anyplace, any season, for any reason! 

My sister is my best friend and my artistic icon!

Cinque Terre, Italy. Photo: Michelle Buettner

I  have a huge obsession with photographing doors and well,...sunsets, cars and macro shots of flowers, too!

And jewelry (of course)!

I love my Malibu Barbie!
(She's My Muse!)

Yes, of course Barbie's sportin' some MiShel Designs Pearls!

Got Pearl Questions?

 Shoot me a message:


I'm happy to help!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and PEARLS, Baby!!