Knotty Board Fun!

I'm sure you've all heard me mention how I absolutely LOVE the waxed jewelry cord Sandra over at The Knotty-Do-It-All carries (it's great for knotting gemstones and some of my large hole pearls!) and how I love both my large and small Knotty-Do-It-All boards

So, last year when I saw Sandra was carrying some great 'Tassel Cord', well, of course I had to place an order and try it out. 

Here's a photo of two tassels I completed with the Knotty-Do-It-All board using Sandra's instructions.

I haven't yet completed necklaces to go with these - bad me!!

 The cord feels great and it works up perfectly into tassels which have that 'swing' you want a tassel to have. (yes!)

Tassel Cord from The Knotty-Do-It-All

I got quite a few colors, but I might have to go back for more - they're all so yummy!! 

So, if you're making tassel necklaces (like, who isn't these days?!) and stocking up on supplies you'll need for the 'holiday times' then you're gonna want to grab up some of these spools of tassel cord. 

I use my Knotty-Do-It-All boards quite frequently while making knotted jewelry. It's easy, fun and the quality of these boards and the accessories which accompany them are really great.

Here's some pieces of jewelry I've created with the help of The Knotty-Do-It-All Boards.

Also, most of these designs were created using either the waxed jewelry cord or the nylon cord Sandra has over in her shop.

Oh, and here's my little 'disclaimer'.  
"I did this review of my own free will and spoke completely freely 
about my feelings regarding the product(s) I mentioned here today, because yes, I really use them
and yes, I absolutely love them!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and KNOTTY Beads and Pearls, Baby!


  1. Those tassels are really pretty! All they need is a chord or chain and BAM - done! :) Your fiber work - especially with the pearls - is always such a perfect match!

    1. Thank you Patti! Not sure what I want to do w/those tassels yet - but I like your idea of just a cord (leather??) or some chain - simple yet stylish!

  2. I love using the nylon waxed cord that Sandra has but I haven't tried the tassel cord yet. I have the large Knotty Do It All board and love it. Thanks for sharing your photos---everything is beautiful. :)

    1. You're welcome Lynn,...yes her tassel cord is really great and the colors she has are nice, too!

  3. Love the tassel cord...haven't seen that. It's much more fluid than the embroidery floss I've been using. Love it! She's got such pretty colors to chose from too. Thanks for sharing, Shel.

    1. Yes, Lynda, it's really 'fluid' - perfect swing to it and her colors are really nice. And, iIt would go perfectly with some of your longer, pretty necklace designs for sure!! :-)

  4. Oh I love when you get out the fiber! and you've got some wonderful designs here - I really couldn't pick a favorite as I am loving them all! what a great relaxed feeling they have

  5. I love all your tassel course pieces! The colors are really rich and I really admire mixed media jewelry!


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