Beautiful Land!

Many of you have sent messages because you have seen the little Animoto video I have here with my MiShel Designs models who were on location in Nutrioso and Alpine, AZ.

I appreciate your kind words and prayers for all those affected by the Wallow Fire here in Eastern, AZ and I wanted to let everyone know that, although we were evacuated while staying at my Brother-in-law and sister's cabin in the Nutrioso area, we are all fine.  Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes for everyone affected by this awful fire.

I will be putting some new designs up in my Etsy shop later this summer with proceeds going to help the people who have been mis-placed from their homes and I'll be sure to post this information here on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter as well once they're up.

Again, thanks for your emails and messages and please keep the people of Eastern Arizona and all those who have homes, land and family and friends in this area in your thoughts and prayers. Also, please hold close in your prayers all the fire fighters and those involved in fighting this fire and protecting everyone's homes as well - they are doing the very best and it hasn't been an easy fight!

It truly is one of the most amazing and beautiful places I've ever seen  in my life and although it is going to look very different for quite a while, I'm sure that somehow, someway, some time from now, it will again be the majestic and amazing place we've all come to love and cherish!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beautiful Places filled with Hope and Happiness!

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