Up Close

I've been admiring the 'I heart Macro' pics and following along over on Studio Waterstone for a bit now and decided to hop on in and try it myself.

When it's not a bazillion degrees here in the desert, our rose garden produces the most beautifully colored roses - they're amazing.  The hubby prunes them and keeps the landscapers from butchin' them to pieces each month (they're not allowed to touch his roses!!) 

He brings me vases of roses all the time and puts them in my studio so I can enjoy their beauty and their amazing smell!

Right now it's a bit hot out and they're nowhere to be found, so looking back on some of the pics of them makes me smile and long for cooler days and more roses!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beautiful Macro Roses!


  1. very pretty, love the shot with the water in the background

  2. Thanks - that's one of my fav pics, too!

  3. Hi Shel! What beautiful roses. Thanks so much for joining in the fun. Welcome!

  4. Roses are my favorite flower, and I'm quite envious of your beauties!! Love your macros :)

  5. Thanks Holly! I love the veggies from your garden - they are amazing!!!

  6. Lori - thanks for having the Macro Sundays - looks like it's gonna be fun!

  7. Very pretty roses. The water image especially.


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