Lights, Camera,....Oops!

Ocean Blue by Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs
Bead Soup Blog Party - Fall 2011

Okay - so, if you were blog hopping this weekend for the
and you made  it to my entry here, you may have read down far enough where
I told you that as I was taking the pics of my last "Bead Soup Creation"
that my camera went all hay-wire on me.

Well, I pulled out my old camera (which is now the 'family' camera) and got some shots yesterday of the necklace I created with the remainder of the beads my bead soup partner, Melissa, sent me.

I am still having trouble with the new camera - keeps reverting back to 'normal settings' even though I keep adjusting the iso, f-stop, white balance, etc. for my macro shots - so not sure what's up there, but thank goodness my old camera doesn't take half bad shots, cause the new one's taking stuff that's all fuzzy, grainy and sort of 'filtered' looking - weird! 

I'm sure it's something I've set it on to revert back to the original settings or whatever, but it should at least take the picture the way I want right after I set it, right? 
Nope,...that would be too easy to figure out then, wouldn't it?

So, here was my inspiration for the opalite beads and those cute little 'birdie links' Melissa sent me. 

Birdie on the Beach!

Anyone who knows me at all knows I LOVE the beach and I take a zillion pictures of it anytime we're there and there's always way more pics of the ocean than of us as a family while on vacation!

More Birdies on the Beach

This is "Ocean Blue" - A macrame necklace with waxed cotton cord, opalite links, one cute little birdie, a few glass beads that are supposed to resemble beach glass and some recycled Sari Silk ribbon tied on for a bit more texture and color.

Ocean Blue by Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs
Bead Soup Blog Party - Fall 2011
Ocean Blue by Michelle Buettner

So, enjoy the beach shots, and wish me luck w/the new camera
and future shots this week as I try to figure out where I'm messing up.

California's Ocean Blue - March 2010

P.S. - We're not telling the hubby about the whole camera thingy yet as this was my birthday gift back in March,...and I can't find the receipt (and don't want to ask him!!)! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Working Camera Karma!!


  1. Ooh, I like this one too! The macrame works really well here (and I love the turquoise!). It's been really cool seeing all the things you've made with the beads I sent! :)

  2. Love this necklace! I really like how you used the fabric pieces to look like birds. It plays off the silver bird nicely. Gorgeous piece!

  3. Oh no bad lens!!! I hate when that happens and the reciept goes missing eek! I'll cross my fingers for you! ( Totally get the beach glass feel!)

  4. I love the colors, it brings me to the beach. The fabric is just the perfect touch!

  5. Lovely piece and great inspiration! We’re all being pushed outside our comfort zones — with amazing results!

    Enjoy the hop,


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