Gearing Up,...

I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween yesterday!!

Today's a day of "Gearing Up" for some things that are going to be happening around here, so I'll jump right in.

Multi-Strand Knotted Bracelet
by MiShel Designs
1st up, my sister and I are having our
at her house this coming Saturday, November 5th,
from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

I hope those of you here in Arizona will join us!

I Invite all of my Blogger family, Facebook friends
and beloved online connections who can't physically be with us in Arizona, to join us online this Saturday for our Annual Fall Jewelry Boutique by stopping by here and over on my
MiShel Designs Facebook page and grabbing your "coupon code" that you'll be able to use upon check out in my
Etsy Store.

Plus, we'll also have some online Jewelry Give-A-Ways here, and over on my MiShel Designs Facebook Page as well,
so you'll want to check in both places on
Saturday afternoon and see what's going on!

Desert Sagebrush Necklace

I really love connecting with all the women who come to 

They have shown me their support for several years now.  They're my trusted "board of advisors" on what's good and what's not and they are a fun group of gals that I love to hang out with for the day, while we laugh, joke and share.

They are truly some of the best clients (and friends!!) 
anyone could ask for. I cannot wait for Saturday!!
"See" you there!!

Next up for business today is this idea
I've been swirling
- or should I say "Twirling"-
around in my head.  

These days, I see more and more people who enjoy giving handmade gifts to those they care about. 

The Pippy Golden Pom Pom Scarf by Sew Stacy on Etsy
(I have one in black and white - simply stunning!!)

It's a wonderful feeling gifting someone something
that is handmade and unique - it's very delightful indeed!

One of my favorite handmade purchases was this
Red Leather Recycled Clutch from Lori Plyer over at Studio Waterstone
Yummy - isn't it!?!  I just LOVE carrying this around!!

I don't know about you, but knowing my purchase of handmade items helps to support the
small business person as well as the arts/craft industry
is double the delight for me! 

So, come back tomorrow
(yep, gotta stop by here again tomorrow!)
as I give you all the juicy details for the
"Holiday Shop Hop" I'm putting together.

And, if you're one of the people who have an online shop,
say on Etsy or Artfire, or you sell your wares online via
your website or another craft market place, you'll definitely want to check back in here tomorrow to see how you can participate in this fun and exciting venture and have the possibility of putting more of your handmade items in the hands of those that want them this
Holiday Gift Giving Season!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Gearing Up For Fun Things!!




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