This or That Thursday!

It's This Or That Thursday over on Deb Duty's Blog. Her photography just amazes me. It's like you can reach out and touch everything that's in her photos - I love it!! 

So, not as good as Deb's,...or most other's over on her blog today, but these are the best I've been able to produce this week,...

Here's what's happening in my world today:

I love our roses and various flowers around out yard (they're in all my pics and I'm sure you're sick of them by now!).

Yes, this one is fake, but she changes colors once it gets dark and it's pretty cool!

Anyway,...I'm really loving our Grapefruit that are finally ready!

I'm making one of THESE yummy drinks with them and,....

I'm going to sit HERE and enjoy it while I take in the last of the Christmas Tree lights before they come down tomorrow.

The weather here's been in the high 70's to low 80's and so I'm getting together with my girl friends and we're grilling out some yummy steaks and having salad and great wine and loving the fact that we don't have to shovel snow in January!! 

We're going to enjoy each other's company and try to convince Rox to go with us to Italy this fall (even though she's already been there,...done that!) and hang out with us while we stay at a farm house in Tuscany, sip wine, eat fantastic food and hopefully perfect or photography skills enough to take some really cool pics (where's Misha's when you need her, huh?!).

So, what were you up to this week, huh? 

Please hop on over to Deb Duty's Blog for This or That Thursday - you will SOOOOO love it!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Enjoying Beautiful Moments in Life!



  1. I really love flowers and your pictures are great. Lovely colours.
    And, you grow your own grapefruit - how great that must be, lucky you.
    Thanks for your visit today. :))

  2. My sister lives in Mesa and she loves it there -- a transplant from Nebraska that never wants to come back!

    Your flowers are gorgeous -- so neat to have blooming flowers during the holidays. :)

  3. Sooooo jealous you still have flowers and beautiful color in your life to photograph! Not to mention that drink! :)


  4. I could never get tired of looking at flowers...beautiful photos! That drink looks delicious, and I'm envious of the warm temps you Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing.


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