Housing Authority

This little fella decided to make camp in the hubby's grapevine.  

I was surprised at how large he was.

And, he could eat at a rate of speed like I've never seen before. Within 5 minutes of finding him and going back in the house to grab my camera he'd devoured about 3 leaves the size of my hand.

Poor Little Grapevine!

So, after the nice photo opp he gave me, I called in the Housing Authority (aka - the hubby) and had his happy little butt relocated to a tree in the common area of our subdivision! 

Hey - you should catch all the cool photos over at

They're pretty amazing!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Bugs!



  1. Hi Shel, thanks for stopping by, can't wait to see the Turquoise and Copper earrings. These bugs they live to eat.. pretty though!

  2. I know he's a destroyer and all, but he's so darn cute!! I'm so glad you saw him, got the picture, and relocated him! Sounds like a win-win!

  3. One of my boys once found a catapiller I kid you not 5 inches long and about an inch and a half in circumfrence! Holy canoes it was big - belonged to the largest moth in the northeast - resembled something from Jurassic Park! It's like he is in witness protection now lol

  4. That looks like a big fat caterpillar. And, very green! I haven't seen one of those down here.

  5. How can something so icky be so darn cute in your photos?? Wonderful sunlit images.



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