A childhood friend of mine is being laid to rest this week.

Yes, he was from 'Mayberry'.
(How I lovingly refer to the small town where I grew up)

Mike was one of the 'Good Guys'.

Always there if you needed something, didn't know a stranger, had a fun and ornery sense of humor, and he was the dare-devil growing up (and even till his passing) that we all wanted to be. 

To say he will be greatly missed is a huge understatement.

For those of us who knew him, whether when we were kids or now, it's pretty clear there's a void,...be it in our memories or our day to day lives. 

My heart goes out to his wife and children and I hope that the many friends and family they have surrounding them will be of some comfort.

I'm sure he's up there in the clouds, cracking jokes, riding his bike with that sheepish grin on his face,...showin' them all how to have a great time!

Oh and,...."Yes Burleson, I have a car where my feet actually touch the peddles and no,...I don't still look 'through' the steering wheel to drive!"
(Only time I think I've ever seen him look just the tiniest bit scared!)

Mike - 1978

Rest in Peace My Friend!  See ya on the other side,.....

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Fond Memories!



  1. It sound like Heaven will be getting one swell guy with it's pearly gates.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. It is hard when we start losing friends. Were you referring to a town called Mayberry? I grew up in NC, close to Mt. Airy, and Pilot Mtn. :)

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  4. Shirley - No, I just call the town I grew up in Mayberry because it was really small like Andy Griffith's Mayberry. We had trees we climbed, railroad tracks we walked, Old Route 66 is the main drag, everyone knows everyone and we're all practically related - it's the epitomy of 'Small Town USA'.

  5. My sympathies on the loss of your friend. He sounded liked a wonderful man.

  6. Thanks for sharing about Mike. I have known him for many many years, he even married one of my besties <3 I will miss him ... He was so very good to her. Kasia, Normal IL

  7. Sorry your loss Shel. What a nice tribute you wrote about him. It sounds like he was a wonderful person!

  8. Cynthis, Kristen and Tracy - thank you. And Kasia - I've yet to meet Brandie, Gracie and Braxton, but I know they were Mike's everything. It was fun growing up w/him - never a dull moment!! :-)

  9. It's hard when such great loving folks have to leave us all too soon. I'm sure he will be and is missed very much.


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