Kalmbach's Bead Soup's On,...

Welcome to my little cup of Bead Soup! 

Back in September I got a package from Kalmbach Publishing with some 'Bead Soup' from Bead World of Glendale, AZ in the mail.   This was in conjunction with Lori Anderson's new book, Bead Soup (which is a fantastic book and is so unique as far as beading and jewelry instruction books go!)

Here's the original post where I told you how excited I was to receive some 'Bead Soup' from Bead World, a place I regularly shop at (bead soups were sent from bead stores from all over the place to tons of people!).

And just look how fun the beads are that they sent me, too!

    I popped in to Bead World and shared my little goodies with the girls in the store and snapped a couple of pics and now it's time to see what I finally created with the yummy pieces of goodness they so graciously sent my way.

I stewed and stewed (no bead soup pun intended!) over what to create - nothing looked quite right and I haven't worked with crystals for a little while and all these beautiful shiny beads were just 'blinging' back at me. 

Did I want to hand knot something, did I want a link style bead chain,...should I wire wrap a cool pendant necklace or bracelet or should I string something?
Nothing seemed to fit, at least at first anyway.
Here's what I finally decided on.

These are the earrings I created to go with it.

I created these with some Swarovski Crystal Circle Pendants (don't ya just love those!!) and some chain and jump rings from my own stash and a few of the beads from my bead soup.
Here's the Set Together
I decided I wanted the lamp work pendant bead to really stand out,
and this style and design seemed to do this it quite well.
I tried to put one of the Swarovski Crystal Circles in the necklace,..but it just wasn't working for me.
I decided to name her Desert Gypsy because she reminds me of the Belly Dance costumes my sister would make to wear in her dance classes - they were always so amazing!!
And because it reminds me of the colors of the beautiful Arizona Desert!
I wanted to make a bracelet out the remaining beads, but I haven't quite decided how I want that to be yet. 
Thanks to everyone over at Kalmbach for doing this great Bead Soup Promotion for Lori Anderson's new book, "Bead Soup" - this sure was fun!
And, thanks to all the great folks from Bead World - you know how much I appreciate you!!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Desert Gypsies!



  1. What a fun challenge, Michelle. And you rose to the occasion very nicely. This shade of green would have scared me, but I love how you paired pulled out some lovely shades of champagne and amber from the pendant to pair with the green.

  2. Oh, how BEAUTIFUL! I really think you did your soup justice with that gorgeous design; I LOVE the asymmetrical design in the necklace as well as the integrated ribbon.

    The pendant really DOES stand out nicely :)

    Those earrings are gorgeous, too!

    Fantastic job on your soup Shel ^.^

  3. Thanks so much for the nice compliments Lynda and Kayla - they mean a lot coming from you guys!

  4. Hi Shel,
    The necklace and earrings are beautiful. I know just how you feel when you get beautiful beads from someone and notthing or too many ideas come to mind and you just have a hard time choosing. You did a great job on choosing your design and it does look like the Arizona Desert.

  5. How fun that you shop at the same place who sent you these beads!!!

    I love the pieces you made. The ribbon in the necklace really gives it some great texture. And the name you chose is very fitting!


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