Earring Swap!

Last week my friend, Kashmira, and I decided to 'swap' earrings.
Kashmira told me she liked a pair of earrings I had posted a pic of over on Facebook and wanted them, but they were already 'spoken' for.
So I told her if she was up for it (she had gone through some major therapy on her hand and hadn't been able to create anything for quite a while),  that I'd make another pair in the colors she wanted and she could make me a pair of earrings in exchange. "Something with some color!", I told her. 
Now, here's the kicker - Kashmira and I have never met! We got to know each other via online jewelry sites, blogs and facebook groups. We email and facebook each other quite often, share blog comments (she's much better about commenting than I am!!), and we're participating in the Studio Sublime's Focusing on Life: 52 Photos challenge together this year as well. 
Anyway, after a few emails back and forth - here's what we came up with! 

Earrings by MiShel Designs
Kashmira decided on purple in her earrings, so I re-created some wire wrapped hoops with recycled Sari Silk and purple dyed lava stone (the original ones she had spotted had blue lava stone dangles).
Kashmira wearing Shelly's Earrings
And, she had someone take her pic so she could show me - how sweet is that?!  She's making them look fabulous, don't you think?! 
Then, when I got Kashmira's package in the mail, I opened it to find she had not only created an awesome pair of earrings for me, but this cute little paper box for them as well! 
Earrings by Kashmira of Sadafulee
Here's a link to the tutorial that tells how she created the box!
Aren't the earrings she created just the coolest?!  I love the pop of orange!  It's a color I'm drawn to but never wear because I think I can't pull it off. 
Shelly wearing Kashmira's earrings!
(Lame self pic - cause the hubs and son were gone!!)
I'm rethinking that now. See how they just pop!
Kashmira has a lot more beautiful jewelry over in her Etsy shop - she's a very talented jewelry designer!
She's also an amazing woman who enjoys helping others and is involved with something called Project Why.  Project Why is a New Delhi based organization working with kids in the area. Kashmira has been helping them for a while now and you can read her story (and theirs) over on her blog, Sadafulee,...Always in Bloom, it's something you won't soon forget!  Watch the video she has posted, too - it's awesome!!
I'm looking forward to the day I finally get to meet Kashmira.
I imagine with the way we chat online and via email now, no one around us will get a word in edge-wise!!  LOL!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Making Friends!


  1. Nice post, both of you look fabulous with your new earrings.

  2. Thanks for the post, Shel :-)

    And yes, am glad I chose orange for you (and that you let me choose)

    A few other things I notice here...your neck is NOT short, you can add at least another half inch to those earrings.

    You have gorgeous eyes.

    Your home is beautiful.

    And so are you :)

    1. You're very welcome Kashmira - this was super fun! I'm glad I let you pick the color, too - it's perfect! You're such a sweetie!! Tthanks for the compliments on my eyes and home, but I will still argue w/you that my neck is short (not like your perfectly beautiful long one!!) LOL! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness you are both not only the sweetest women you are also so beautiful! I love that you did this for each other!

  4. I love the choice of orange. you both are soo beautiful. I love how the internet (facebook) brings people together :)

    1. Thank you and yes, isn't the internet wonderful about that sort of thing!!

  5. how fun! you guys swap - and such cute pairs for both of you!! Kashmira is a sweetheart in person - hope you guys get a chance to meet soon :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, I hope we get to meet too!

  6. What a fun post! And great photos of you both wearing your new treasures.


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