Focus On Life: Week 33 - In Season

For Week 33 of the
Sally over at the Studio Sublime
 prompted us with:
In Season
"What's in Season where you live?  Fruits, vegetables, a certain kind of flower?  Or is it bathing suits and beach umbrellas? Scarves or mittens? This week, do some investigating and search for what is in season where you live!"
Well, it's central Arizona in the summer.
And it's hot.
Really hot.
109 today to be exact.
So I guess you could say
THE SUN is in season.
The morning sun on my vines
The Sun's ALWAYS in season here. 
The Phoenix metro area is referred to as
"The Valley of the Sun"
Yep, that pretty much covers it alright!
Oh, and these guys,
Gorgeous 'field' of Saguaro Cacti
(Taken with  my iPhone out the car window while going about 65 down the freeway.
I was a passenger, by the way, not the driver when this was taken!! LOL!!)
They're always in season, too.

Truthfully, I never tire of either!
(the high temps I could do with out, but I love the sun and would just die
living in a place where it was gloomy and rainy more than a few days a year!)
So, what's "In Season" where you live? 
Hop on over to the Studio Sublime and check out all the wonderful "In Season" Shots people snapped this week!
*Sally might still be having some trouble with her site - so check out the link below for this week's challenge! Enjoy!*
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sunshine!


  1. oh boy! 109? I would absolutely melt - ha! but I do miss those endless days of sun we had living in CA

  2. HOT! That's too hot! lol! I do get the need for blue skies and sunshine though. Winters that drag on with grey skies are something I want to avoid from now on.

  3. Great photos. I especially like the first one with the sun shining through the leaves. We've not had much of a summer here as the first part was rain rain rain, and now it feels more like autumn with cooler weather. I miss summer this year.

  4. I like sun and cacti... we haave sun here today which is a nice change for this summer! THe leaves in the first picture look very green for 109 degrees!

  5. Lovely photos, glad you have such an enjoyment of the season.

  6. Shel - that's a pretty cool photo of the saguaros, especially taken while moving! Like your soft-edge frame too. The weirdest part of the summer to me is when football season starts. I just feel like that is the time to bring out the sweaters and jeans! Not here.....

  7. Beautiful photos Shel. I can't believe the clarity of the cacti photo!!! I don't like when it is that hot. It was like that here most of July, not my kind of weather at all. Now it seems as if we are rushing into Fall weather much too quickly. Something in between would suit me just fine. I hope the days cool off for you very soon.

  8. Oh, wow, I would just melt - we've had 95 in South Carolina and that was pretty much what I could bear... The picture of the vine leaves is stunning!

  9. You sure painted the picture of what life is like where you are....incredibly hot. You truly do live in the Valley of the Sun! Your pictures are great - and amazing you caught the one with the cacti with your cell phone! :-)

  10. Great photo of the leaves on the tree. Love how the sun shines through them. I would love to trade some of our rain with some of your sunshine for just a little bit.

  11. good job you love the sun and cacti living in AZ!! I know i'd melt...
    thanks for stopping by already - the weekend just got away from me, and it's already Monday afternoon - eeek!!!

  12. The sun is wonderful! I am not sure I could live with out the seasons. :)


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