Focus on Life: Week 40 - Give Us A Smile!

So this week's prompt from Sally over at
The Studio Sublime was, "Give Us A SMILE!"
It really does help to lift the spirits of people when you give them a smile, or you get one in return.
These two are always smiling. 
The "Masked Rider"(Unmasked!) and his sweet and beautiful girlfriend.
Their future's are bright, they are both respectful of each other and those around them, they're funny, smart and all around good 'kids'.  
Seeing them happy, makes me smile
Scroll on down the page here or head over to the Studio Sublime to see who else is smiling and what they're smiling about this week won't you?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and All Smiles!


  1. Sweet, sweet couple. Can feel the love you have for them in your post.

  2. A darling couple! They both have beautiful smiles.

  3. It is such a blessing to have lovely teens, isn't it? A super photo :)

  4. Ahhh, young love! Beautiful! You can't help but smile back...

  5. What a gorgeous image and what beautiful kiddos!

  6. They are adorable. It's nice to see the future so ably represented.

  7. A great photo of very beautiful youngsters. How proud you must be. I think I see a twinkle in his eyes!

  8. She has a gorgeous smile... they look so happy!

  9. what a sweet, sweet picture of your gorgeous boy and his girl - love it

  10. Wow!! she is a beauty, lucky boy, and they are of course both lucky to have found each other. such a great looking couple

  11. Sounds like you're a lucky Mom, too! Beautiful smiles from beautiful kids inside and out.


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