Focus on Life: Week 42 - All In A Day

This week Sally's prompt for
Focusing On Life: 52 Photos Challenge was this:
Week 42 - All In A Day
"There are many things that can happen in a day. Let's focus on 24 hours and see what goes on during your day!"
Well, all days at the Buettner household are pretty normal (for us!) yet not one of them is actually normal, if you know what I mean. 
Monday was "Fall Break Day" for our son and we had lots of thing scheduled for that day.
First, the soft water system decided to rupture last weekend and spray tons of water all over the garage, the workbench, Mike's old desk and the ceiling (good thing we know a mold guy and he knows how to clean things up - I actually moisture mapped the garage later in the week for training!!) and so Monday our new soft water unit arrived - it's pretty nice. And and I love having my soft water back (my boys hate it - they tolerate it just for me!)

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Then, Logan's QX4 had the air go out -again- so neither he nor the hubby were happy they had to return it to the shop but Logan "called" the convertible (Our son loves Mike's BMW - even though it's practically as old as he is and he drives it as often as possible!) and so Mike hopped in to the Q and they drove down to the car place to drop it off and then grab a bite to eat on their way home.
I heard tons of sirens no too long after they had left so I texted Logan (Mike was driving them back home) to see if they were okay.  Did you know you can pick GOD up at Taco Bell?  LOL!!  I didn't either! :-)  Auto-correct can be a hoot!

Text between Logan and me
Then there was work stuff, filling an order, afternoon tea, folding laundry, and putting things aside for when I would eventually get the time to create with Kristi Bowman's awesome component for the  AJE October Component of the Month Give-a-Way that I'd been fortunate enough to win. (The reveals is on the 30th, plan to stop back by!)
So, just normal stuff around our house. 
What's a typical day look like for you? 
Anything but typical, right?  But it's All In A Day!
Now, hop on over to The Studio Sublime or scroll down to the bottom here and see what everyone else has going on today!
Oh, I almost forgot - TODAY I get to devour Cindy Wimmer's new and ultra-super-cool wire-work book, "The Missing Link"!  (Insert dorky looking happy dance here!)

My joy for Today!

 I can't tell you how excited I am to try out some of the fun links this weekend and play with my wire! (my wire feels a bit neglected because I'm usually playing with cord and pearls!) and then tonight we're having our annual neighborhood Cul-de-Sac party with our ultra-fun and cool neighbors - it's gonna be a super day!!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Having Fun "All Day"


  1. LOL God at Taco Bell. Does he come with Mild, Hot, or Ex-Hot?

  2. I actually live with God.. his name is really Gord but somewhere the r got dropped... My cell phone does not auto correct and some of my text are quite humerous. We have a water softener too , which I think is an asset not sure if anyone else cares!

    1. Oh, I bet your texts are indeed quite humorous - how funny! And I'm w/you on the water softener thing - definitely an asset.

  3. ha! who knew GOD hangs at Taco Bell? I guess no one can resist a good taco! So jealous you've got Cindy's new book already. I still need to pick up a copy. Enjoy!

    1. Yep - God has to eat too! Cindy's new book is awesome - it's very good.

  4. God at the Taco Bell made me laugh. Have fun with Kristi's beautiful component. I got Cindy's book also. Isn't it great?

    1. Yes, Cindy's book is super - I just keep looking and looking at it. Today I hope to get to create after I have breakfast with a dear friend,....and hopefully my boys will just chill and let me play all day! And, I'm excited to finish up what I'm working on with Kristi's component, too.

  5. should submit that one to the website! Fun listening in on your day. :-)

  6. Hope your Monday is a little less hectic/and more playtime with that lovely component!
    What struck me about your account of this day is your sense of humor about all the little bumps. That goes along way in enjoying the ride!


  7. What a busy day! And that book seems to be very popular with the jewellery makers among us :)

  8. Busy busy, thanks for sharing my Component, looking forward to the reveal. Cindy's book is definitely on my list, it looks fun!! Very nice of God to run to Taco Bell for you! LOL


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