Focus on Life 201 - Week 9 - Macro

It's week 9 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime has given us the theme of "Checking Out" for the month of March.
Sally explains this month's prompt, "March for me is the beginning of Spring and a good time for checking out!  There are many definitions of "checking out", but I'm talking about checking out and exploring the world around us.  Some times when we are checked out of life and checked in to technology we tend to not focus on the amazing things that are happening around us every minute of everyday."
For week 9, our prompt is:
Macro Shot
"This week we are going to get up close and really check things out!"
I just LOVE macro shots!
Click photo to enlarge :-)

I'm much better at drooling over them than I am at actually capturing them, but hey, I have fun trying!
 I spent last weekend 'checking out' Jerome, AZ with my sister and a couple of friends and was happy enough to capture some cool macro shots of the beautiful, fresh flowers that were on our table at The Flatiron.
Everything about The Flatiron was super!
From the relaxed atmosphere, to the awesome meals that Chad prepared, to the fun banter that could be heard between Jen and Amy behind the bar area.

This place was rockin' the cool-vibe

My sister's waffles on Sunday!  Yummy!
And, just so you know, they have the best coffee on the planet! (thank you Amy!)
And some really beautiful flowers that make for great macro shots, too!

Click to enlarge photo collage :-)
Please click on all the links below to check out what gorgeous, up-close macro shots the rest of the Focus on Life gang has captured this week, okay?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Macro Lust!


  1. Gosh, those waffles look good... and I adore purple anemones... *sigh*
    Really great photos, Shel!!

  2. Gorgeous photos and it sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  3. I'm drooling over your macro shots, Shel! Those flowers are gorgeous and now I want waffles and strawberries!

  4. When I can, my favorite Saturday morning treat is a great cup of coffee and checking out Focus on Life posts. Yours today is drop dead gorgeous! Each and every shot in the collage is perfect. I can see why macro shots are high on your list.

  5. Gorgeous photos! The waffles look delicious!

  6. beautiful macro shots (that last set - upper left - kinda looks like a nose in the center!) It looks like a great place to hang out, not to mention those waffles!

    1. It does look like a nose - that's exactly what we all thought, too!! :-)

  7. Shel you are wonderful at macro shots. You photos are amazing.I'm glad that you had a fun weekend.

  8. Flowers make some awesome macros and yours are no exception! That sounds like a wonderful place for a meal.

  9. Wow, you got some fantastic photographs. I love the top one and third one, sunshine on anemones, just gorgeous.

  10. Wish I'd known that the was where the good coffee was! (we were there the 12th & 13th) We ate lunch at the Mile high dinner... Love your flower shots... gorgeous!

  11. What a great selection of macros! Beautiful!

  12. Now I am craving coffee, waffles, and most of all anemones!!!! They take me back to an earlier time, when we used to buy flowers on the street while in college. But your macros of the centers are just fabulous.

  13. I think we went through Jerome in our fifthwheel travels. Now I want waffles....

  14. Wow, stunning shots and gorgeous flowers - I love the macro collage you made.


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