FOL14 - Week 13 - Eye Level

It's week 13 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime has given us the theme of

"Checking Out" for the month of March.
"For the last Saturday of March, we're going to check out what's going on at eye level.
From where you stand, sit, kneel or lay, take a look around at your surroundings and capture what's at eye level."
I was going to snap a photo of my computer screen for the prompt this week because, lately, it's what's at 'eye-level' every single day as I work on analytical data review.
But, I thought that would be rather boring
for you all to see, so,....
I had lunch out on the patio one day
and this is what was at eye level.
Well, it was at eye-level as I leaned back in my chair to enjoy the scene. :-)
And then one night this week, Mike and I walked over to the neighbor's and had cocktails by his negative-edge pool and watched the sunset.
This is what was at eye level
as I sat in one of the comfy chairs.
Of course I had to include a photo
of a sunset (or sunrise), right?
(today's my birthday, so I'm allowed!)

This is really 'eye-level'. You can't tell where the pool ends and the lake begins. I love that!
Please pop over and see what every one else captured at eye level this week.
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Eye Level Beauty!


  1. Your lunch looks yummy and what a great view you have on your patio.

    I have never seen a negative edge pool before and your photos of it with the sunset in the background are amazing.

  2. Happy birthday!
    What a lovely view and I agree - those types of pools are very cool.

  3. Happy Birthday Shel. Those are amazing photos.The water looks so inviting.

  4. Happy Birthday! And what a view you had. Beautiful!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I could sit on that patio all day long! Awesome photos!

  6. Happy birthday!
    I'd love to see this at my eye level!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Each photo looks so inviting. Beautiful!!

  8. Yay! Happy Birthday to you! What a lovely way to celebrate -- by soaking in those amazing views. I think it's great that you actually use your patio. Looks like a wonderful spot to escape for a few moments of relaxation.

  9. Happiest of birthdays, Shel! Love those shots of the pool/lake/sunset. What a glorious place to relax!


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