Keep Calm and Wear Kick-Ass Pearls!

My apologies if I offended anyone with the Kick-A** part here,
but ya know,
life's too short not to wear your best pearls!

Or your favorite ones.
Any time, or night.
Doesn't matter the season,
Pearls go with anyone, for any reason.
Recently a dear friend of mine had this to say:
"I'm normally not a pearly girl but the way you do them, I am becoming converted!!"
I told her that was my mission in life: 
Pearl Converter.
Once everyone on the planet falls in love with them like I have,
my job on Earth will be complete.
 May the sun always shine when you need it to,
And the wind always be to your back.
May happiness be yours in whatever you do,
and may gorgeous, kick-ass pearls be the adornment you never lack!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!




  1. Your pearls would make any girl a 'pearly' girl! They are gorgeous.

  2. Man...there is a heck of a lot of pearly goodness here - gorgeous! I like your mission!

    1. Thanks Patti. It's a mission of love! :-)

  3. Well my friend, you make gorgeous Kick A** pearls! who wouldn't want to be wearing a pair of those!

  4. Gorgeous pearls Michelle! I love to use them too with so many things, I am always persuading people to try's to pearls long may we enjoy them.

    1. Absolutely. Here! Here!! We should have a 'Pearl Converter's Convergence Conference" LOL!!


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