FOL14 - week 23 - Silliness

I'm late posting for week 23 of the FOL:14 Weekly Photo Challenge this week. 

I was up at my sis's cabin this past weekend for our semi-annual Girlfriend's Weekend and was armed with only my hubby and son's 'silly' iPad and couldn't get things to post.

Even all my 'apple juice' friends with their i-thingies couldn't get anything to work for me.  It was frustrating to say the least and I'm so very happy to be back home, typing on my p.c. 

Yep, I went there. Yes I did. 
(I used to have an iPhone, so it's not like I haven't tried the stuff!)

It's June, and this month's theme for the 

Finding the Fun in Photography!

For week 23, Sally over at The Studio Sublime
gave us this prompt:

"For the first week of June, let's get SILLY!  Or, catch someone being silly 

Well, there was tons of 'Silliness' going on this weekend in the mountains for our semi-annual Girlfriend's Retreat!

The Famous Tree House!

Once everyone arrived on Friday night, we trekked up to the Tree House for some 'silly' photos and to toast to our friend Janet who got us hooked on Butterscotch Schnapps Shots!

Many Happy Hours Have Been Had on the Tree House Porch!

Just look at these crazy kids! 

Fun was had by all!

I love these girls (and Kyle!) and although we were missing a couple of the 'gang' because of family things and work (life does that sometimes), we were all together in spirits.  

I mean, in spirit! LOL!!

Speaking of life, I even missed Sally's Photo Contest because of life, work, computer issues (internet connections and email servers), but things like this happen.

I'm going to try and get to every one's posts this week, so if you see my late comments, you know why! 

I will either be posting really early this coming Friday or late Monday for this next week as well since we are meeting up with Mike's sister, hubby and their friend in Vegas!  

Oh Yeah Baby - we're Vegas bound! 

Vegas Baby!! (Via Pinterest)
It's funny. I don't gamble, so I don't know why I get so excited to go to Vegas. Except for the shows, the lights, the shopping, people watching,...the shopping.  

We haven't been to Vegas in like 5 to 7 years,...maybe longer. I just found out they no longer have slot machines that accept coins or tokens. Only bills. What!??!! You must be joking!!

Next thing you know, folks are going to tell me that Dean Martin, Sammy Davis and Old 'Blue Eyes' are no longer performing.   

Via Pinterest
Such Silliness!! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Silly Times!!


  1. so frustrating! I know how you feel ... that happens every year when I'm up at our camp in the Adirondacks - it is seriously off the grid! Enjoy your time away :)

    1. Yeah, I really thought I was gonna be a 'high-tech' girl last weekend and do everything on my ipad like everyone else - didn't really turn out as planned. :-) Mike says it's the 'metal chip' in my head that screws everything electronic I work with out of whack! LOL!!

  2. That is the most amazing treehouse I have ever seen. And butterscotch Schnapps sounds yum. Have a great time in Vegas!

    1. Thank you Paula - I'll be sure to let Mike (he and Logan built it) know you think their tree house is amazing! And my sis and I never do shots and our friend convinced us we'd like these on our trip to Jerome back in February - and we did!! Couldn't believe it - so of course we had to toast her since she couldn't join us for this girls trip! And I'm gonna have a great time in Vegas - minus the gambling,....I'm looking forward to sight-seeing and shopping! LOL!!

  3. What a great tribute to your friends! Love the fun photo shots of your time together. Enjoy your time in LV... Cannot believe there are no more quarter slots! What are they thinking?

    1. Thanks Lynda! I'll have to let you know if I find any quarter slots at all - I'm gonna be on the look out! LOL!! I guess the saying is true, "The only thing you can count on being consistent, is change!" (Pun intended! ;-)


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