The View Above

For week 33 of the Focus on Life:2014 Weekly Photography Challenge, Sally prompted us with "The View of Above" during our August theme of "Outside". 

"Change your photo taking perspective, look up!  Looking up is one of the simple exercises in focusing on your surroundings.  This day in age with all the wonderful modern technology we tend to miss things going on around us because we are simply not looking up.   This week take a glance up at the world around and see what you may have been missing."

Here was my view one morning this week. 

It really did look like pink cotton candy. 

Let's go see what everyone else captured in their "View Above" this week.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Above The Clouds!


  1. Just enchanting - especially reflected in the water...

  2. There is that fantastic sky. I think our Supreme Being decides to decorate your neighborhood with better-than-normal splendor. Aren't we lucky to have these views?

  3. ahhhhh a sunrise! you do take the best around my friend :)

  4. Oh goodness what a great way to greet the day. Lovely photos!

  5. How pretty! Lovely reflection in the first picture! I was hoping to get a sunrise this week but woke up to fog every morning!

  6. Wow, this is a fascinating sky! The colors are splendid.


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