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Bead Soup Blog Party is TOMORROW!!

It's Tomorrow,....It's Tomorrow!! 
Can you STAND it?!!

Oh, the excitement!
Peeps are taking pics and pre-posting like crazy today,
getting ready for the big reveal tomorrow!

(Me, too,, too!!)

Visit Saturday, the 17th and check out all the glorious
EYE CANDY from everyone's

Until Tormorrow!

Peace, Love and Great Anticipation!!

The Big Reveal - of Beads, That Is!

My package arrived last week with beads from my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner Melissa over at Behind the Smile and boy are they fantastic!!

Look at the goregous Focal Bead she made for me!!  I love it!  What types of designs do you see when you look at all these goodies? Yummy aren't they?!!

The colors she chose are very out of the norm for me which is SO exciting.  My brain is on over-load with ideas to the point where I have no clue WHAT I'm going to even attempt to create!

It's funny, but after we both got our packages from each other, she noticed we both sent opalite - different shapes/sizes and all,...but still, funny!!

She mentioned that the green leaf beads are her favorite shaped ones at the moment - I can definitely undestand why - they're FABULOUS!

I hope you all had a great week and that your Friday and entire weekend are packed with creativity and fun!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Beautiful Beads!!

Pssssst! Want in on a Secret?

I mailed out my mystery bead mix to my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner, Melissa Pynn, of Behind the Smile Blog! Check out Melissa's many talents over on her awesome blog!

Wonder what cool jewery design she's going to create with what's inside this cute little pink package that I've tied with this Recycled, Fair Trade and Child Labor Free, 100% Silk Yarn from Nicole over at Darn Good Yarn?

Hmmmm,...what's that? You want to see what's inside the package?!  Yeah right! I can't do that! 

I could show you a "smudged up" or "puzzled-out" picture that I created over on Picnik, but then you'd know the colors I sent and I want Melissa to be the first to see those! And, I know she'll reveal what she gets once she opens them!  So you better keep up with her blog to find out! 

And, whatever she designs, is gonna be cool! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beautifully Packaged Surprises!!

My First Bead Soup!

I'm getting excited for my first "Bead Soup Blog Party"!! And no, you don't exchange soup recipes on your blog. Although that would be rather yummy - this is probably a bit more colorful!

Lori Anderson's having a Bead Soup Blog Party over on her blog "Pretty Things" and there's a BA-Zillion people signed up! (Well, almost!)

I've peeked in on some of the past Bead Soup Blog Parties and have completely drooled over the beautiful pieces folks have put together out of the beads they were sent. There are some talented people out there, that's for sure!

I've got my focal bead, my clasp and my other beads all put together and am waiting to see who my soup partner is so I can send them off this week. I hope they like what I've picked out. I'd love to post a pic of what I'm sending, but I'm not sure that's allowed!!

I must say though, that they're pretty 'safe' - color wise - and not too risky or anything. I know I'd love to get them and create something beautiful out of them, so I'm guessing it'll be okay! But, you want to know what's totally freaky?  I didn't include one single pearl - NOT ONE!  That's the most unusual thing I've done all week - so out of character for me. But, I'm not going back and 're-doing' my bead soup mix that I'm giving away because I love the focal bead and the clasp too much and the beads I picked go quite well with them - pearls just didn't make the mix this time! Oh my,...pearls not making the mix,...that just hurts to say! 
"Pearl Stash" from one of my trips
to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Any Hoo,.....Go ahead and hop on over to Lori's blog - "Pretty Things" - and check out the details of the Bead Soup so that next time around, you can participate too!

Have a great week everyone!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Here's to a Cup of Bead Soup!
"Peace Baby"
Labrodorite and Kyanite Bead "Sculpture"