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October Component of the Month Reveal

I was super lucky this month and won one of the Art Jewelry Elements Components of Month!
It's a sweet Ammonite Focal from Kristi Bowman Design
I just happened to see the AJE post come up in my email inbox on the day it was posted (usually I miss it!) and was super psyched to see one of Kristi's components - hers are some of my favorites - and so I threw my name in the hat and was so excited when she contacted me that I was one of the winners this month!
I actually have a nice little selection of some of her pieces.
I'm known to hoard them.
You can ask her. :-)
Anyway,....I knew right away that I wanted to make a really cool bracelet out of her focal pendant.
However, what I had inside my head and what happened to come out of my hands are nowhere near anything alike at all.  Nope. Not.At.All!
I do think that what I ended up creating is much better than what was floating around in my brain, though.

Where my brain was going with the design,.....

I'd pictured some purple cord with a few dark pearls with purple over-tones and possibly some nice chunky pieces of amethyst I have hoarded stashed away and a few copper beads and a handcrafted copper toggle clasp.  

See?  What's below isn't at all like what I just described, is it?

What actually happened! :-)

Well, in between getting Kristi's focal and having a chance to actually work on it, I was fortunate enough to get Cindy Wimmer's book, The Missing Link, (which is truly fabulous - you MUST get it!) that I had ordered.

I was devouring Cindy's book the weekend after I received it and when I got to page 89 and eyed the Spiral Swirl Link - I let out a little squeal!  I ran into the house and grabbed Kristi's ammonite focal and held it up against the pages in the book and said, "Perfect!"
Since the focal is quite large I was only able to use two perfectly beautiful, dark, freshwater cultured pearls (Bead World - Scottsdale), a few copper beads and two of the Spiral Swirl links I created following the step by step instructions in Cindy's book.  Then, I just 'adlibbed' a bit and made my own spiral hook clasp to complete the look.
I'm so excited! It feels great on and will, coincidentally, go fantastically with one of my outfits I'm wearing up at my sis's cabin over Thanksgiving weekend.  (yippee!)

A huge THANKS to Kristi for sharing her amazing focal pendant and to all the contributors over on the
Art Jewelry Elements Blog - you gals ROCK!
Thanks a bunch for stopping by to check out what I created - I appreciate it.
Now it's time to hop on over to the AJE blog and see what the other winner, Kym Hunter with Kym Hunter Designs and all the regular contributors on the AJE Blog created.  I'm sure you'll be drooling!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Nice Surprises!

Tickle Your Fancy!

It's a new year with all sorts of exciting and fun things to do!
Here's a short list (no, that's not a pun on my height - although it is appropriate!) of a few creative challenges, blog hops and happenings going on here in cyberland.

The Studio Sublime:  Sally's offering up a great challenge called "Focusing on Life: 52 Photos" where she sends you a prompt each week during 2013 and you snap some shots and blog about them or post them over on her Flickr group each Saturday.  This past Saturday was the first grouping and you should see everyone's posts and photos! Very fun indeed!  You can still jump in with both feet on this one - don't miss it!

Tracy over at Make Bracelets is hosting a challenge/blog hop that is super cool!  It's called Inspire Change: Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge. Tracy always hosts up a good time, so you need to go over and read her post and check out the challenge. I read this the other day and was bummed that I can't participate because I might not be here (and I wait until the last minute to do everything!) on the day of the hop.  But, you still have until January 20th to get signed up - so hop on over and join in! (My brain is still trying to figure out how I can squeeze this one in!)

Art Jewelry Elements served up their Earring Challenge this weekend, too. Earring Eye Candy - did you hear me?! Yes indeed - Earrings with art beads and/or charms - sweet! You sign up for 13 weeks at a time and they've got all the details posted on their blog - go check it out!
Don't forget that Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party is coming up here soon, too. Sign ups are January 25th - 27th and there's 3 reveal dates since the party is so big.  Hop on over and read all about it and get in on the fun - this is one party that's sure to stir your creative juices and have you meeting new, fun and like-minded people! 

You can even get a copy of Lori's Bead Soup book to help you get ready for the fun!! 

Okay, I know I'm forgetting TONS of other fun challenges and hops out there that I've seen/read here online and I apologize for that, so PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE any of the challenges and/or blog hops you've seen or that you're having yourself.
Just give us the links right here in the comments below :-)
I hope that 2013 is being good to you so far and finds you happy, healthy and creating beautiful things!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creatively Fun Things To Do!

*P.S - Oh, and don't forget to check out
Artisan Whimsy,
they've always got challenges, blog hops, events and all sorts of fun stuff going on over there!