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Blog Hops!

Hey there gang! 
I just wanted to let you know to come back over here this Saturday, June 1st, for the Anklet Blog Hop being hosted by Kashmira Patel of Sadafulee,...Always in Bloom
With summer here (well not officially, but technically, right?!) adorning your ankles with the cutest of anklets is fashionable and oh so fun!! 
So, be sure to hop back over here and catch the wave of Summer Anklets to kick start your warm weather fashion!
And, Sally with The Studio Sublime
(and the weekly Focusing on Life: 52 Photos challenge)
is hosting a fun jewelry challenge as well. 
The reveal date is Wednesday, July 10th. 
Braided Bohemian Style Necklace - MiShel Designs
Sign ups are going on now so hop on over to
The Studio Sublime, sign yourself up, and get to designing some fun black and white jewelry!! 
"Rome" - Bracelet by Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs - 2012
( I just LOVE black and white jewelry - can you tell?!)
Know of any other fun challenges and/or blog hops going on this summer?  Please Share them here in the comments (with links if you've got 'em!).
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creative Summer Fun!

Tickle Your Fancy!

It's a new year with all sorts of exciting and fun things to do!
Here's a short list (no, that's not a pun on my height - although it is appropriate!) of a few creative challenges, blog hops and happenings going on here in cyberland.

The Studio Sublime:  Sally's offering up a great challenge called "Focusing on Life: 52 Photos" where she sends you a prompt each week during 2013 and you snap some shots and blog about them or post them over on her Flickr group each Saturday.  This past Saturday was the first grouping and you should see everyone's posts and photos! Very fun indeed!  You can still jump in with both feet on this one - don't miss it!

Tracy over at Make Bracelets is hosting a challenge/blog hop that is super cool!  It's called Inspire Change: Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge. Tracy always hosts up a good time, so you need to go over and read her post and check out the challenge. I read this the other day and was bummed that I can't participate because I might not be here (and I wait until the last minute to do everything!) on the day of the hop.  But, you still have until January 20th to get signed up - so hop on over and join in! (My brain is still trying to figure out how I can squeeze this one in!)

Art Jewelry Elements served up their Earring Challenge this weekend, too. Earring Eye Candy - did you hear me?! Yes indeed - Earrings with art beads and/or charms - sweet! You sign up for 13 weeks at a time and they've got all the details posted on their blog - go check it out!
Don't forget that Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party is coming up here soon, too. Sign ups are January 25th - 27th and there's 3 reveal dates since the party is so big.  Hop on over and read all about it and get in on the fun - this is one party that's sure to stir your creative juices and have you meeting new, fun and like-minded people! 

You can even get a copy of Lori's Bead Soup book to help you get ready for the fun!! 

Okay, I know I'm forgetting TONS of other fun challenges and hops out there that I've seen/read here online and I apologize for that, so PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE any of the challenges and/or blog hops you've seen or that you're having yourself.
Just give us the links right here in the comments below :-)
I hope that 2013 is being good to you so far and finds you happy, healthy and creating beautiful things!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Creatively Fun Things To Do!

*P.S - Oh, and don't forget to check out
Artisan Whimsy,
they've always got challenges, blog hops, events and all sorts of fun stuff going on over there!

More Beading Fun And Time For Another Class!

October has dropped in with a bang! 
(Oh, where did September go??!!) 

I've got a ton of things on my bead table this month!
(Fun things - yippee!)
I'm going to have a few posts over the next week or so to tell you about some of them but today I want to tell you about "My Bead Table Blog Hop" sponsored by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures that's going to be taking place on October 13th.  
Check out the lovely (and huge!!) stash of beads that Lisa so graciously sent for the blog hop.  
Ohhh,...just look at all these lovely goodies!! Thank you Lisa!!
Other than a few things here, these are beads and components that I don't regularly carry in my bead stash and so the challenge is definitely on for me! 

I'm excited because I love that this will challenge me to step outside my comfort zone and the colors Lisa's given me to start with (we can add from our own stash, too!) are ones I find really pleasing to work with!

Be sure to hop back over here on Saturday the 13th and see what all the participants have created (me included)!
I also wanted to let you know that I'm teaching another class over at Creative U in Carefree next week, too.
Come join me on Friday, the 12th of October
at 2:00p.m. for the
It still shows up on their calendar as Jen Hanscom teaching the class but I'm helping them out this month, so come on over and join in the fun with me, won't you?!
There's never a dull moment at Creative U - trust me!
Well, maybe Lasso gets a bit bored at times, but we sure don't!!
Oh, and on a side note, I
 think I've finally gotten over the jet-lag from my trip.
I was fortunate enough to go to Italy in September!

I really thought I had my body fooled with setting my watch (and my brain) to whatever local time I was headed to but although it truly did help a bit, I still was kind of out of it from last Thursday until this Monday. 

Now I think a form of normalcy and a routine of some sorts is setting back in. Thank goodness, because the 3:30a.m. wake up calls my brain kept giving my body every morning was getting a bit old!
What have you got cooking for October? 
Are you in the Autumn mood?
Dreaming of Autumn!
Are you decorating and creating things and making goodies for Halloween and all the other Holidays that are coming up?
Be sure to drop me a line and let me know what's going on!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and The October Rush!