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FOL - Week 21

**I'm trying to link up with the FOL2014 Group this weekend but due to the internet connection in the mountains being totally useless, I may have to link up on Tuesday when I return home and pop over to see everyone's photos and comment next week. Sorry folks!!** :-) 

May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 
'In, At and About' 

and for week 21, Sally over at  

The Studio Sublime, gave us the prompt:
This Week Fill in the Blanks: 

At or In the __________, I_________.
This one stumped me for a bit, but then I realized that
In the mornings, I take care of Coco and Kiki.
I fluff their seeds, refresh their water, talk with them and watch them snuggle.
It's rather difficult to get a focused photo of these two cuties!
It's a morning ritual that is rewarding!
Be sure to see what all the other 
Focus on Life 2014 participants 
have captured this week!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Snuggles!!

Focusing on Life: Week 24 - GREEN!

This week's prompt from Sally over at
for the weekly photo challenge was:
"The color of balance, learning, growth and harmony! 
GREEN evokes feelings of calm and
symbolizes self-respect and well being. 
*Grab your cameras and find some green! 
*Note: Your photo as a whole does not have to be all green in color.
Look for pops of green against a contrasting color or muted colors! Have Fun!" 
I just LOVE Green!!
Click on any photo to enlarge
It's one of my favorite colors!
So, last weekend I was at my sis's cabin having "Girlfriend's Weekend" and we were surrounded by GREEN.
Flowers in the meadow by the  Cabin
Which is totally awesome given the fact that a couple of summer's ago the Wallow Fire ripped right through the meadow you see pictured here and took out so much beautiful GREEN!
The Meadow
But I think this is my favorite GREEN.
This is Coco, our Peach-Faced Love Bird. He's about 7 years old and is a bit camera shy!
His "Honey" is named Kiki and she's very shy! She's also sitting on some 'egglets'
at the momemnt - Coco's gonna be a Daddy!!
Coco Green!
Hop on over to The Studio Sublime and check out all the GREEN that captured every one's attention this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and GREEN, Baby!