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Spring Break and Blogging Friends!

It's Spring Break this week for my son. We're usually in California walking along the beach in San Clemente, listening to the loud 'booms' coming from Camp Pendleton, taking in the waves, letting the salty air kiss our skin and enjoying fresh seafood.
This year we elected to have one of those 'stay-cations' every one talks about. Business wise (not my jewelry hobby/business but our Indoor Air Quality company the hubby owns) things are keeping us busy, so it was hard to justify stepping away (he never steps away and is always doing data review every single day for our associates) from some of the IAQ investigations that were coming our way this week.  Then there was the fact that my birthday is Friday and then Easter is Sunday and we usually spend that with family in another town here in AZ.
Plans got changed up a bit (having family in the Military, we're used to that!) and now "Easter" isn't going to be where it usually is and several members of the family are away seeing their kiddos and grand babies. And then, my boys said they would really like to go camping in the desert this week/weekend - and I thought that sounded nice, too - so that's what we're doing. 
Arizona's lovely in March - usually not too hot, not too cold - perfect weather!  We're hoping for some of that as we head out and enjoy the ruggedness of the desert and the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets our state is known for.
Arizona Sunset - Photo by Paul Hindman
While I'm away, I wanted to share with you a new Etsy shop set up by one of my blogging friends - Lynda Carson.
Lynda's one talented jewelry artists and her blog, Fresh Baked Designs, has been on my 'must read' list for quite awhile now.
I love how she regularly shares her creative process and shows her readers her 'adventures' in designing.  Lynda's opened an Etsy shop because everyone was asking where to get pieces of her jewelry and although she has designs in some actual boutiques/shops near where she lives, there was nowhere online for people to purchase her wonderful creations.  
Teal Leaf Bracelt by Fresh Baked Jewelry Designs on Etsy
I hope you'll hop on over to Lynda's Etsy Shop - which is called FreshBakedJewelry (because FreshBakedDesigns was taken!) - and see what she has to offer. 
Her jewelry is just wonderful!
Red Tin Botanitcal Earrings by Lynda Carson on Etsy
If you stop by Lynda's blog, Fresh Baked Designs, this week, you'll see she's got quite a nice give-a-way going on for those of you who pass along her info via twitter, FB or other social media outlets.
Kyanite Drop Earrings by Fresh Baked Jewelry on Etsy
I hope you're all enjoying your week and for those of you who are getting more of that icky weather with snow and the like when it's supposed to be Spring,....well, I feel for you, I truly do, and I hope you get  some "Spring" coming your way soon!!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Enjoying the Desert in Spring!

This or That Thursday

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Happy Easter!

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