Shel's Friday Fav's

This Friday I'm starting something new
(well, new on my blog, anyway!).

I'll be sharing with you some sites I think are really worth stopping by and checking out! 

And, just so you know, I'm not talking all
bead and jewelry related blogs/sites here either. 

I'll be sharing all sorts of sites and blogs like photography, fashion, entertainment, etc.

But of course I'll have some fav's loaded with
artisan beads, fun tutorials, pearls
(you knew there'd be pearls - I mean, come on,....!!) 
and tons of handcrafted jewelry
to fulfill your fantasies as well!

So, please join me for "Happy Hour" and Shel's Friday Fav's!

Today I'm giving some blog lovin' to some of my all time fav's!

First there's Lori Plyler's Blog - Studio Waterstone

Lori does it ALL!
And, she does it all very well!

  Not only does Lori host "I Heart Macro" Sunday's
(Sharing the LOVE up-close!)

she designs some of the most amazing purses and bags you'll ever want to drool over and
she's the artist who put together my blog banner 
(along with many other people's).

Plus, she's always got something "cooking in the kitchen"! 

So, hop on over and enjoy all that Lori at Studio Waterstone has to offer!

Next up this week is Deb from Deb Duty Photography

I found Deb's blog while participating in
'I Heart Macro'  one week.

Deb's pictures caught my eye and she continues
to amaze me each week with her photos

Deb also hosts "This or That" Thursdays on her blog.

The  amazing photography these participants contribute,  I mean seriously folks - I just sit back in complete awe each week.

 Be sure to check out Deb's blog.
You will be so happy that you did!

Next up is a blog I read each day,....rain or shine. 
Okay, you jewelry peeps know who Kate is, but for those of you who don't know Kate,...She's this kick-ass, deep-thinking, creative genius! 

Everything she touches, from seed beads to PMC to photography to writing - you name it - it just ROCKS

The Jewerly Architect by Kate McKinnon

And, I love the fact that she's not afraid to use the "F" word weekly (if not daily!) in her blog!  It cracks me up!   

She packs her blog full of super advice, lovely designs,  mouth-watering inspiration, and so much more!

 AND she shares it all with this "free-living-spirit, take-no-shit attitude" that's so refreshing, and she shows lots of pictures of Tucson (where we used to live) and so I love catching those!! 

You'll seriously want to check her out!

So, there's my line up for this week.

There's so many more,
but I won't hold you hostage any longer!

Go check out these super great blogs and please feel free to send me some really cool, "kick-ass" blogs you think I should check out and possibly feature here for Shel's Friday Fav's!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Blog Lovin'!


  1. Wow! Shel, I'm honored that you thought of my blog. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Those are some great finds! I love Waterstone's stuff too

  3. Lori - You're more than welcome! Your blog is packed with great info, tips, beautiful pics,'s got it all and it's all wonderfully put together.
    Your blog banners are so eye-catching and professional and your bags are fabulous - just used mine again last night when the hubby and I went out - got some compliments on my red clutch and I gave them your website!!

  4. I love Lori for a lot of reasons -- she makes amazing things, her photography is awesome, and she's gracious. She returns emails when people ask questions, and not everyone does that!

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Going onto to check out your great links. Have a great weekend...


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