I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!!

It's I Heart Macro over at Studio Waterstone again this Sunday - You Do NOT Want To Miss This!!
 (Trust Me!)

Here's what I saw up-close this week.

(I messed with the settings and
it's not getting good ones up-close again!)

Wish my pictures were as good as the real thing!

(click on images to make them larger)

"Flying What? On My Roses"

Un-ripened Grapefruit

Little Bug Snug in a Rose

Where All The Pics I Take Come From - The Hubby's Rose Garden

Enjoy all the great pics over at Studio Waterstone today!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Get Close-Up, Baby!


  1. Happy Sunday! Beautiful Rose garden.

  2. Eek - I don't know what kind of bug that is. But great shots!

  3. That grapefruit is awesome! Haha -- there is a terrific comedy routine out there about how the grapefruit got its name.

    And thanks for commenting on my 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me. Re ironing -- I have a quandry with linen. Leave it wrinkled or iron it. My OCD just explodes my mind when it comes to linen!

  4. Lori (Anderson) - do tell about the grapefruit comedy routine!! And, I actually have two irons,...they're very 'retro'. You know, those powder blues and dusty rose colors of the 80's,...yep, that would be them!! LOL!

  5. What a pretty garden! I wish my hubby had an interest in anything outside (other than deerhunting) Nice pics.

  6. oh what wonderful photos, love the grapefruit shot....

  7. Is that a moth or a butterfly??? Looks very exotic!

  8. That is an odd looking flying bug! Your macros are beautiful. I love your hubby's huge rose garden! ~Val

  9. Love that rose garden and your macro shots!

    Macro Shots

  10. I'm totally digging the shot of the grapefruit. The texture is really neat. Good job!


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