Happiness Is,...

A Walk in the Woods

You never know what you're going to see,...

Or Who!?!

Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Having Fun!


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*Scary dude in the Ghillie Suite is the hubby,...stalking our son and his friends in the woods and having a blast! ;-)


  1. What a great photos, I would that there where such a beautiful flowers in our woods ;)
    But not that person ... bbrrrr lol, he looks like he is doing something secret .

  2. Beautiful photos with beautiful colors, beautiful flowers, as beautiful poems. A hug.

  3. You have flowers like this in your woods! Wow, amazing.

    Your "Who?!" photo has me curious....

  4. Looks like a lovely, peaceful day!

  5. What gorgeous flowers to find in the woods! That first shot of purple and blue flowers are beautiful but I think the tree spirit/man would have stopped me cold in my tracks!

  6. Beautiful shots. I'm lucky enough to live right at a noisy 4-lane street, yet can get into a gorgeous little meadow landscape within a 5 minutes walk. I consider myself blessed.


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