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Some Nature Eye-Candy For You Today

Since my jewelry supplies have been missing in my life for what seems like an eternity, I've been working on getting a few things unpacked and sorted; putting them in places I can actually get to so I can 'play' when the opportunity arrives.

In the meantime, my ever talented sister was tagged for a challenge on Facebook and in turn, tagged me to play along.

It's a simple and fun photography challenge and if there's anything that captures my heart like my pearls, it's photography. 

I'm not as proficient as I hope to be some day, and my cameras of choice and circumstance are still my point-and-click Panasonic Lumix (for most all of my macro shots!) and my Cannon, but I enjoy the entire process. From taking the photos to editing them, to seeing the final result, it's a very satisfying hobby. 

The challenge on Facebook is called Challenge on Nature Photography and the rules are simple. Once you've been challenged, you are to post one photo a day for 7 days of your most interesting Nature, Animal or Landscape photos and in turn, you nominate a different person for the challenge each day and then tag the person who challenged you and the person you challenged.

For those of you who might know me, it's no surprise that most of my pics are Macro shots of flowers or their leaves. Yes, I'm obsessed.

Not a Lady, Bug!

A Rose Like No Other

Purple Perspective

Raindrop Reflections

Sunset Water Blues

Everything Has a Season,...


Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Nature Photo Fun!!

Focus on Life: Week 18 - Abstract

This week's prompt from Sally over at
the Studio Sublime for Week 18 of
"Abstract: the use of a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.
All things have form, color, and lines; we just need to step back and step away from the literal image you see through the lens. Take into account the lines, color or form and look for a more figurative composition.  
Take this week and step out of reality and change your view of things!"
I adore these weekly challenges because they really get inside my head.
I realized this week that I might be slightly obsessed smitten with abstract.
I love looking at abstract photography - it's some serious business, let me tell you!
I came to realize that I 'see' things in abstract form most of the time.
I see lines, colors, forms, shapes, images within images and things of this nature with out even trying.
This is just the 'norm' for me.
Case in point.
In Rome last fall with my sister, while other people were snapping 'normal' pics of the Colosseum, I was capturing these: 

Lines, Textures, Form, Shapes, Angles, Colors, Light Play, Images within Images.
"Designs", if you will.
I love how this line meets that line or how the blue of the sky is shaped in a particular way because of the outline of the stone walls.
How the clouds have 'soft' lines while the stones have 'hard' lines. 
Or how it seems you're looking through a "key hole", viewing an ancient secret.
And even with my flowers,....I love capturing the abstract of my roses.
There always seems to be some super cool and interesting shape to photograph.
 Black dirt from by boys' gold panning trip last weekend. The sand is
surrounding a round magnet and it's making the dirt all wonky!
Cool, eh?!
And then, the other morning, as I was ready to get out of the shower, I saw these:
Can you see what looks almost like 'butterfly wings' in the water droplets?
I grabbed my camera and captured what I thought were some totally awesome ABSTRACT water droplets.
See how there's shapes within the shapes?
 Lines, forms, colors!
It's a whole other world in there!
Special Effects with Pixlr - Too Much Abstract Fun!!
Then, some voice inside my head said:
"Sometimes, I worry about you!"
I looked up to catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror.
There I was, in all my glory, naked in the shower, sopping wet, with my camera in hand, snapping pictures of water droplets as they rolled down the shower window!
I am so lucky my hubby didn't walk in to see that sight because it would have given him just the right amount of ammo to have me committed to the 'Looney Bin" for sure!!
Someone please, PLEASE, tell me that you've gone to such crazy lengths to capture a photo with out even realizing it?!
Colorful Abstract!
Be sure to pop on over to the Studio Sublime and see what
perspective everyone else has this week on ABSTRACT!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Over the Moon for Abstract!

Focus on Life: Week 14 - Up Close

*I'm in Sedona this Friday/Saturday with out internet service, so please forgive me for posting late over at the Studio Sublime this weekend.  I'll be hopping to everyone's blogs that I can on Sunday/Monday!!*

Sally's prompt for Week 14 of
Up Close
"Macro Shots - How Close Can You Get?"
I LOVE me some Macro!
Taken w/my Canon. I had to hold the flower still because it was windy!
I cannot seem to get as close with my new
Canon Powershot XS 160 that I just got as I can
with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH5 camera.

I've had 3 Lumix and I love them!
The one I use most has 'macro zoom'.
(translation: super-duper macro!)

This one was taken w/my Lumix. Click to enlarge any of the pics.

The Canon's got a feature that lets you'zoom' while doing video. I know, so does an actual video camera, but a still shot camera seemed more up my alley so I decided to try it. 

I'll let you know what I think after I use it a bit. 
So far I'm rather pleased with the still shots.

 Of course, if I'd ever save up the $$ for a 'big daddy camera' (the kind where the lens costs more than the camera itself), I'm sure my pics could be even better.  And closer!

Spring has Sprung! Captured with the Canon.

But until then, here's some "Macro Love" for you!

Comparing the different photos,...what do you think?

Off Center because of the wind - but still rather close w/the Lumix.

Jump on over to The Studio Sublime and see what the other participants have captured Up Close today!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Getting Up Close!

Focusing on Life - Week 7 - Beauty of Flowers

It's week 7 of Focusing on Life: 52 Photos

This week Sally's prompt for us was
"Beauty of Flowers"

"This week take a moment to bring a little happiness
to your soul and enhance your well being.
Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of flowers."

I Enjoy Snapping Pics of Flowers!!

No prompt needed on this one!

However, with the freeze a couple of weeks back and the one this week as well, our rose garden is 'rose-less', and there's no other flowers blooming at the moment either, so I'm sharing with you some of the flowers I've captured in the past.

Click to Enlarge Photos

These are from my backyard, from the White Mountains of AZ, from San Onofre Beach on Camp Pendleton in California and from my trip to Italy last fall.

Sommocolonia, Italy (Tuscany)
Yes, I have a slight flower obsession.

 It's as bad as my obsession with snapping pics of doors, locks/keys and door knockers. 

Can you tell?! ;-)
"Just living is not enough.
One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. "
~ Hans Christian  Andersen ~

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Flower Power, Baby!!


Click HERE to go to the Studio Sublime
and check out all the other lovely flowers today!!

I Heart Macro!

Happy Sunday!
Linking up with I Heart Macro over at
Studio Waterstone this Sunday.
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Sunday, Beautiful Sunday!

I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!

Linking up with I Heart Macro today over at Studio Waterstone.
Happy Sunday Folks!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Flower Power!

I Heart Macro - It's Sunday!

Flowers and Fossils
Black Eyed Susan - Nutrioso, AZ

Fossilized Shells - found near Payson, Arizona
Fossilized Shells - found new Payson, Arizona
And, a very pretty mineral that I just couldn't get to focus right, so the detail isn't there.
Vana Dinaut - From the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show - 2011
Trust me, it's beautiful!
Vana Dinaut - From the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show - 2011
Joining in the fun today over at Studio Waterstone with I Heart Macro.
Happy Sunday Folks!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beauty in Many Forms!

Happiness Is,...

A Walk in the Woods

You never know what you're going to see,...

Or Who!?!

Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Having Fun!


Linking up with I Heart Macro today

*Scary dude in the Ghillie Suite is the hubby,...stalking our son and his friends in the woods and having a blast! ;-)