Focus on Life: Week 9 - Knock, Knock!

It's week 9 of Sally Russick's weekly photography challenge

"Focus on Life: 52 Photos".

Here's what Sally wrote to us for this week's prompt:
Knock, Knock!
A door opened and I went through it.  ~Temple Grandin~ 
"Let's open some doors to see what awaits us on the other side.
Is it a door that holds opportunity?  A door that holds a story?  Is it a door you have been hesitating to open?  Is it a gate to a new life?  A door to a new adventure?  Is it a door that holds a memory?  Is it the perfect door for a simple picture?
You have arrived at the door for a reason,
open it up and step in!"

Oh my, if I needed a prompt to photograph a door!

Along with flowers and a few other things, doors are my favorite to photograph!

For me, they all hold a story, a secret, an opportunity,  some mystery, security, a new beginning, a special memory.

I call this  "Doorway to the Sea".  It is in the Cinque Terre Region of Italy.
The Ligurian Sea is on the other side. 
This is by far, my favorite photo I've ever snapped of a door because
being here was a dream come true and this is where I go when I day-dream!


Doors stir this fascination in me that I can't quite place
and trigger emotions that elude words.

These are the front and back doors to my sister and brother-in-law's cabin.
Not only do these doors lead to one of my favorite places on earth, inside these doors are some of my best memories and it's as close to "home" as I can get.
Inside these doors I feel safe and secure, comfortable and inspired.
Oh, and of course I use the back door - you read the sign, right?? :-)


Doors have all these textures, colors, and styles.

Then there's the materials,...wood, metal, stone, glass.
Each one unique. Beautiful in it's own way.

And, no matter where your travels take you,
you can always find a door.

We were walking in Venice at night and rounded a corner and
look what door if saw!!  It wasn't so much this door that caught my attention. 
It was what was inside this door that I longed to see!
Ah,...a "missed opportunity" as the Swarovski
store was closed, but the photo opp was not to be missed!


I snapped so many door pics from my trip last fall that I thought my sister and brother-in-law were going to schedule and intervention.  Follow this link to view a blog post on some of my "Door Porn" as I call it.

These doors hold mystery. We all wished we could peek inside. They are my symbol of Tuscany.  This home is located in the small hill top village of Sommocolonia, above Barga. I've photographed these doors (this house) more than any other doors ever!

The doors I have pictured here today for you are just a few of my collection, along with their special meaning to me.

 Do doors hold a special meaning to you?

This is probably my second all-time favorite door photo I've ever taken.
It was taken from inside the church on the highest hill in Barga, Italy.
It represents "the world out there".  The beauty to be seen and appreciated.
The history to be cherished and preserved.  The adventure and opportunity that awaits.
There are days when I go here in my dreams too,...I walk outside this church and
stand in the warmth of the bright sunlight and breathe in the surrounding beauty.
Outside this door I am at peace, and so is the world. 

Please step on through to the doors that the other
photo challenge participants have posted over at The
Studio Sublime today.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Meaningful Doors!


  1. lol...I do the exact same thing when we travel..I have a fascination with doors...and when I go for a walk with hubs at night, I find myself looking into lighted houses if they have their windows open...drives him nuts, but I am so curious about how other people live and inhabit their homes. Great door shots...and what a nice place to daydream!

  2. Fantastic doors! I can see why the first one is your favorite. Looks like an incredible place. I'd be using that back door at the cabin, too. So nice to have a place to feel safe and secure. Doors are a thing of beauty (and so much more).

  3. Hee....I bet I have a matching door photo collection! Different doors....same size collection. LOVE them...when I was in NYC, the friend touring me around asked if there were any other doors I wanted to see LOL!!

  4. I love the photos you took in Italy! There's something about European doors and doorways (and gates too!) that are so mesmerizing! Reminds me of my trips to the former Yugoslavia with my mom when I was too young to truly appreciate my beautiful surroundings. This week's prompt was just perfect for you! =)

  5. Oh wow ... I love your pictures! Such beautiful places and doors! I too have a tiny obsession with doors ... I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to doors from around the world (almost 1000 pins! ... yep just a small obsession)

  6. wow! what a door-fest!! i can't imagine why the curtains are outside those doors... just wonderful photos :)

    1. I wondered that too when I first arrived. The house we stayed at just around the corner from this one had a curtain too and it's so you can open you door and get some fresh air and still have some privacy,..and it helps keep out all the little doggies/kitties in the neighborhood as they wander by smelling all the great food cooking inside! :-)

  7. I am in total love with your doors! Thank you for sharing your wonderful door shots!

  8. I love that blue door! It is definitely my favorite door that I have seen today! My hang up is flowers... !

  9. Beautiful pictures and memories! I love each and every one of them - but I sure understand your love of that first door. To open the door to the blue sea... oh, that is a dream come true. Amazing photography - thanks for sharing.

  10. What wonderful pictures you have taken of doors and each one has a story. The blue door has now become my favorite.

  11. I love all your doors - I think we are fascinated because of the mystery of what or who is behind them. I would just want to stop and find out. Especially the Tuscany one.

  12. Great photos!! I think that first one is my favorite, too.

  13. Those are all gorgeous photos, but I am so taken with that first one. The colors are amazing and the composition is perfect.

  14. I have a love affair with doors too! What truly fantastic photos and memories you have.

  15. My goodness what a gorgeous collection of doors. You are lucky to have visited Italy and see these up close and personal. I adore the blue door and I can certainly see why you go there in your day-dreams. What a peaceful and breathtaking spot! The Tuscany doors are lovely too. I want to see who lives there?

  16. My favorite of all these is the one of your sister's cabin. The best kind of door is the one that holds love and warmth within!

  17. Oh my gosh! How gorgeous and I love the stories that go along. LOVE the blue door at the top - it's my fave, too.

  18. Wow, you do have a thing for doors don't you. What a shame the Swarovski store was closed. Did you press your pretty face up against the glass and drool over what was inside or did you show some decorum like I wouldn't have been able to? ha!

    1. My finger prints were on the door!!! :-)

  19. Churchs and doors - there is so much potential there. I love your shots of Italy! That is on my bucket list. Like you, I am always taking pictures of doors, they hold so much potential, whether in or out.


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