Focus on Life: 52 Photos - Week 45 - Industrial Photography

It's week 45 (Holy Cow Smokes Batman, where has the year gone?!) for the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly challenge hosted by the talented Sally Russick over at
The Studio Sublime.
Our prompt this week was:
Industrial Photography:  It's amazing how something perceived as cold and whose purpose is to perform a function can have a beautiful soul."
Well, this got me thinking - as our weekly prompts always do.
On Halloween, our son (aka - the Masked Rider) took a pretty good spill on his motorbike while taking it for a spin around the block here in our subdivision. I was at the grocery store when this happened and, long story fairly short,'s the gist of it.
Normally, the "Masked Rider" looks like this when he rides his dirt bike (even around the block, pretty much!):
This day, he was dressed like this:
Logan was actually wearing only a tank top, basketball shorts and his riding boots when he crashed.
And, this is Mike's motorbike, which is much smaller than Logan's.
And this is what happened when he decided the street would look better paved with his skin than with the asphalt that was already there,....
Yep - OUCH!  His hands were the worst - well kind of!
Nope - not a pretty sight.
Didn't feel too good either according to Logan.
Lesson learned: always wear your helmet, NO MATTER WHAT!!  And gloves, a long sleeve shirt and some pants couldn't hurt, either! :-) 
We're the luckiest and most grateful parents on the planet that he didn't hit his head (which didn't have a helmet on it and although it's pretty hard, it's not that hard!!) and that this didn't turn out worse than it did.
But, I thought about what Sally said in her prompt. How something cold and 'industrial' (if you will) can have a beautiful soul.
Well, 'Scrape' as he's now referred to, is chomping at the bit to get back on his bike and ride. To him, it has a soul. It's beautiful in his eyes.  (it's his fault he biffed it he said, not the bike's fault)
So, here's a piece of 'soul' from his bike:
This is a pic I took of his broken muffler.
It wasn't broken in the crash, but it was a kind of cool angle/pic to get - so I grabbed it!
And yes, he's doing fine - thanks to all of you who follow me on facebook and sent well wishes. They were greatly appreciated!
Then there's this. This definitely has a soul. And, it's back in use. It's the water line from Grandma Emma's cabin that burned in the Wallow Fire a few summers back.
Utility pipe that was burned in the Wallow Fire at Grandma Hindman's.
It's now in use at the new cabin that's over close to where the old one was.
Now, it's back up and running to the new cabin that's being put in close to where Grandma's was!
How beautiful is that?!
Not exactly sure if these are considered 'Industrial' photos or not, but I thought this was a very cool prompt this week Sally - I'm looking at things in a totally different manner than before and am excited to see what every one's going to post this weekend.
I'm prepping for a show tomorrow, so I may not get to every one's posts until next week - sorry about that!!
Now, hop around today and see what other beautiful, industrial souls were found this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Feeling Blessed!


  1. oh Shel! that must have been horrifying for both Logan and you guys! I know I'd flip if that happened to my girls!! so glad he's ok, if only for a few bruises

    1. Yes, it was Cynthia. Mike had him in the bathroom already washing his 'wounds' when I got home, wasn't pleasant for anyone, that's for sure! He's healing very nicely and pretty fast, so that's so nice!

  2. I'm so glad 'Scrape' is Ok. Lesson learned. Great photos too. I had a hard time with this challenge and not even sure mine qualify as industrial but I had to get something up.

    1. Thank you Alice. Yes, I'm not sure my pics really qualify for actual 'industrial photography' either - but the items I photographed were made in big industrial factories, so maybe that's a few points!! :-)

  3. I'm glad that Logan is ok and that he still wants to ride his bike. How wonderful that you have a new cabin to go to. Great photos.

  4. I remember skiing in shorts and a tank top once.... emphesis on ONCE... I never fall except when I'm wearing shorts... spring snow is very sharp and very cold. At least he's learned his lesson with a few scrapes and no major damage to him or the bike! Glad to hear that grama's cabin is back and usable... I miss our cabin, we sold it when we moved East!

  5. Oh thank goodness he is OK. You know, I see so many youngun's riding around on their bikes with just a helmet and no protective clothing, and it makes me cringe every time, I don't understand why they do it.

  6. Great assortment! Glad your son was not more seriously hurt. Really like that muffler!

  7. I'm glad he is healing and will remember to wear gear next time, so he doesn't give his parents a scare like again. I like your soul of the bike and the water pipe photos.

  8. Oh my Shel! So glad he's OK! Love the picture of his bike parts, very cool...

  9. The laws here don't allow you on a bicycle without a helmet... so growing up I only ever saw riders in head to toe gear. I remember the first time I noticed a guy ridding a huge bike in cut off jean shorts, shades, and sneakers I think in Michigan, or maybe Ohio as we made our way to visit family in Kentucky. I can also remember telling my dad he shouldn't drink and drive as mum handed him coffee from the thermos.... shocking times :) Glad your son is still mostly in one piece

  10. I'm so glad our son hasn't discovered motorbikes! He's a very lucky man sporting some very sore reminders!! So glad he's ok, and a great shot of his broken muffler!!

  11. I am so glad your son only had minor injuries from his spill. My daughter has to have knee surgery after her motorcycle accident.

    Love the photos of the muffler and the utility pipe.

  12. First - so glad he's okay. So glad the lesson was so "easy" on both of you. Knowing so many other stories with guys on bikes - whew... Hugs.

    Second- your shot is my favorite! You got such great light and form in that photo of his bike.

  13. You definitely win the prize for the most harrowing post of the week. Thank goodness all is well with your son. Wouldn't you know the day he decides to skip the riding armor....... Great shots of the muffler and the utility pipe -- and very cool that it has been re-purposed at the new cabin.

  14. Big ouch! Glad he's okay and will live to ride again, with the helmet and gear, of course.
    Just saw the newest Bead Chat…your glorious jewelry being center stage and your interview, too! Congratulations, Lady Pearl.

  15. Ouch! That is a nasty case of roadburn. And they wonder why our hair turns gray...

    Great industrial shots!

  16. Ouch, ouch and ouch! Thank God he's okay! On another note, great photos!

  17. Oh man, these are so awesome. There is such amazing artistry in your photography! If I was able to click these super great pics - wow!!! I'd be snapping pics all the time!!
    industrial photography


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