Earrings Everyday "We're All Ears" Inspiration Blog Hop

It's time to see what everyone created for the
Earrings Everyday monthly challenge.
I didn't think I was going to make it for this one since I was a bit late to the game (so to speak) because of playing catch up this week and all kinds of other stuff that was going on with work (day job).
But I did manage to finally get some earrings created and photographed and I'm glad because not being able to create almost daily anymore has left me a bit cranky and unhappy - just ask my hubby and son about that one!
The Earrings Everyday blog is hosting a monthly earring challenge and this month the inspiration was this colorful photo below.
Damselflies in Love
Photo credit: National Geographic, Yeo Weng Sang
Beautiful, Funky Bug "Love"!


So, here's the earrings I created.

The faceted, rutilated quartz slices reminded me of the gorgeous and ever so delicate wings of these cute little 'love bugs'. 
I made the earrings 'move' by knotting the cord between the beads so as to mimic what I thought would be their graceful movement.
The pretty, bright blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise, cheery salmon colored glass beads and the faceted pearls are all the colors, shapes and textures that jumped out at me from this photo. 
I had fun using this photo as the inspirational jumping point for these earrings. 
Thanks to everyone over at the Earrings Everyday Blog for their daily inspiration. I look forward to next month's challenge and hope I'm able to jump in and participate again!
Please give all the other participants some love and see what they have created by clicking on over to the
Earrings Everyday blog
and leaving some feedback, won't you?
Everyone have a super wonderful weekend!
Until Next Time, 
Peace, Love and "Funky Bug Love"


  1. I like how they mimic the body...a lovely interpretation!

  2. I love the turquoise and orange together.

  3. These are so much fun! Great interpretation!

  4. Nicely done! Love that rutilated quartz and never thought for mix them with pearls. Beautiful!

  5. Fantastic Shel, the colors and the dangles are perfection, so reminds me of the inspiration.

  6. so charming and so wearable! a great interpretation!!! jean

  7. What neat earrings. And I bet they've got great movement. Wonderful job!

  8. Better late that never really applies here! Love these colorful earrings and I bet there tons of great movement by the clever use of the cord in the design. Aren't you glad you got to play today??

  9. Love your rutilated quartz wings, they look so light!

  10. Love your rutilated quartz wings, they look so light!

  11. Bright and sassy, lovely colour combinations!

  12. What a great idea to use quartz to mimic the wings! Your earring are just lovely.

  13. Beautiful!! Those colors just seem to flow together and really do speak of the inspiration piece.

  14. Very nice design. I love the quartz beads.

  15. The quartz works really well for the wings! Love it! Great colors and beautiful earrings!

  16. I get so cranky when I can't carve out time to create something every day as well. I love the way you translated this picture. The ethereal nature of the wings, the articulated bodies, the colors. Wonderful! This new monthly challenge will be fun, and you can join in anytime! Join us next month! Thank you for joining in the Earrings Everyday We're All Ears Challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin


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