Earrings in the Hopper

I was able to create for a couple of hours this past weekend, despite all the functions and things we had going on, and boy was it nice!

I actually played with wire and wrapped a few gemstones for earrings. 

I even made a few earring wires.

Haven't done that in a while!

Hopefully this coming weekend I'll get these finished, photographed and listed over in my Etsy shop

 It's rather bare at the moment so new items are needed! 

I've been inspired by so many different things lately. 

Here's some of my inspiration for these earrings:

Sea Caves, Taiwan

Glory Hole, Ozark National Forest

Nature is so beautiful, isn't she?

Stalactites Via Pinterest

What is it that inspires you?

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Natural Beauty!



  1. These are beautiful! The muted colors and the sway they have gives them a lot of strength. You were clearly inspired by these photos and you captured that so well!

  2. Morning, Shel! Love, love these stalactite earrings! Understand you've curtailed your jewelry making to focus on the family business...so it's always a special treat when you post some of your design inspirations and new pieces.

    1. Thanks Lynda! I'm excited to read your recent post about your trip to Ghana - it's always so interesting and informative!!

  3. oh my what a gorgeous display! these are beautiful Shel! and I LOVE your inspiration. hmmmm.... maybe a pinterest board in the making - ha!

  4. Gorgeous designs. I am always envious of folks that have a way with earrings. It would have taken me a couple hours just to do one pair.

  5. Beautiful earrings! I love the source of you inspiration.

  6. Love those earrings Shel!

    Enjoy the weekend ;)

  7. Love those earrings Shel!

    Enjoy the weekend ;)


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