FOL14 - Week 18 - In Your (Their) Hands

It's May!  Wow, the year is just rushing by, isn't it?! 

May's topic for the Focus on Life:2014 weekly photography challenge is:

In, At and About

Sally, over at The Studio Sublime, gave us this prompt for week 18:

In Your (Their) Hands

Here's what was in my hubby's hands this week. 

He found some cool old, mold-making pieces over at a local jewelry shop in town and decided to play around with pouring some pewter in them just to see how they'd come out. 

He says he curses me for infecting him with the 'jewelry making bug' and tells me that he can't wait to get into the garage after work each day to see what's coming out of the molds. He says it's like Christmas every time he opens one of them to see how they turned out. 

Sadly, the elephant didn't quite come out as expected,..but there's always tomorrow! :-)

Yep, gotta love that!

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Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Pleasant Surprises!



  1. oh how fun! I bet it is like Christmas to see what each of those molds are ... I am quite certain that my hubby won't get into the studio with me ... but my daughter has :)

  2. Well how cool is that? It's great that you and your hubby share creative energies. I am amazed at those photos. Makes my bead weaving look quite tame by comparison. What is that object in the upper right?

    1. Paula, it's supposed to be an elephant's head. The trunk is down towards the bottom of the pic and the tusks are just above and the ears are the larger parts on both sides,...but the head has a huge hole where the pewter didn't pour right. :-)

  3. That sounds like fun. My partner used to do something similar and I know how exciting it is to open the mould and see the results.

    Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing Focus on Life 2014)

  4. Craftsman's hands... I love pewter, esp. if lead-free...

  5. Creative hands are happy hands. It sounds like he's having fun, in spite of, cursing you for infecting him with the 'jewelry making bug'.

  6. I think that is great that your husband has taken an interest in jewelry making, especially working with molds. Your photo of his hands at work is special.

  7. What a great find! (the molds as well as your husband!) Great photos.

  8. Oh, I love the reason he can't wait to come home and that he curses you for it!!! Fantastic photos!


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