A Punch of Color (Macro)

It's week 41 for the Focus on Life:2014 Weekly Photography Challenge.  

For October our topic is COLOR and so this week Sally prompted us with this:

"Since October's topic is color, why not take a look at color on the macro side of things?  
A Punchy Shot of Color, Up Close!"

I LOVE macro shots. They just amaze me.  All those cool textures, colors, and itty-bitty insects. Tiny little worlds going on right before our eyes, only we can't see them unless we stop and get super, super up-close!

It rained recently here in the desert. Supposedly the 'last' of our monsoon weather for the year.

I love taking macros shots of the rose garden in our yard. I'm a bit out of practice as I haven't taken any macro shots for a while now, but boy are they fun to try and capture!

Let's see what other Punchy, Up-Close Shots of Color the rest of the gang captured this week, shall we? 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Color Up Close!


  1. awesome photos Shel! and that last one looks like you captures that velvet 'fuzz' feel from the flower - amazing!

  2. Love that color of green on the vibrant pink flower. And the drop in your second photo looks like it is just balanced there for a moment, which you were able to capture. Great pics!

  3. Wow! Incredible shots of the rain drops - really stunning!

  4. Wow! I totally forgot the macro part (was so focused on the punch of colour!)...
    The raindrop on the leaf is STUNNING!!

  5. I love your choices! The insect is fabulous!

  6. Wow what great shots! I love the one with the water drops.

  7. Just wow! Those shots of the water droplet are awesome, Shel! Like you can both see through it and see a bit of reflection of what was above the leaf.

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