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BTW - Before and After

I cannot stand clutter. Loathe it.

 But for some strange reason - planetary alignment, Zombie Apocalypse, Mayan Calender/Word Ending kind of thing, the Holidays, you name it - my creative space was a wreck.
I was super-ready to have my office/studio cleaned up and better organized!
So, between Thanksgiving and Christmas break I started slowly (r.e.a.l.l.y. slowly) reorganizing a few things.


Little by little things got moved and re-arranged.

Doming Block, Letter Stamps, Extra Easy Knotter for My Students, etc.
I started with my clothes,...moving them from the dresser into the master bath and closet area and filled the drawers with my hammers, bench blocks and other goodies! 

Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, Steal and Craft Wires,
along with some Soft Flex and other stringing materials.

 I used to have a room all to myself as an office, but in
this house, my office/studio is in our master bedroom. I could consider it a draw back, but looking on the bright side, I have a killer view of our backyard and the lake and I can open the sliding glass doors and create right on my patio with out having to move hardly any supplies! (heaven!)

I must admit - I have the best views in the house!

Anyway, things became crystal clear (in my head) as to how everything else should be arranged and organized and so after the tree and all the holiday decorations had come down I kicked it into high gear and got to rockin' and a rollin'. 


OMG - What was I thinking to let it get this out of hand?!

Much better than before!  And there's room for more!


I finished up late Monday night, with a few more little odds and ends done yesterday,...just because I changed my mind! (imagine that!)

Holy Cow Smokes - Looks like the paper monster threw up in here!
(And some other monsters, too!)
Organized packing supplies and a few left over fibers in baskets,...much better!

The before shots were taken between late 2011 and December of 2012 and the after shots (I'm pretty sure you can figure out which is which w/out me telling you!!) were taken Monday.


Not too bad,..but I have a large antique sewing box and tons of baskets for my ribbons/ fibers
so why waste this gorgeous space?!!
Love how this chest looks now!
Mixed media supplies, Vintaj Big Kick, Cuttlebug, Patinas, gilder's paste, paints, sealants.
Oh, and some Ice Resin that's not opened,....wonder when I'll get the guts to try that again?!

Organized, convenient, pretty much 'clutter-free' and it makes sense,....things are where I would reach for them or they're with their similar counter-parts, etc.
(yep,....I'm a bit anal!).

Clutter Capital! And what's w/all the empty boxes under my desk?
Must have been close to the holidays and I needed them for shipping?
Who knows! ;-)

It's still the hub,...I have to work and also create here, so it's 'busier' than I'd like,
But it's nice to have the boxes removed and my Knotty Do It All close at hand!

The one thing I didn't clean or de-clutter was my bookcase. However, the bookcase WILL be tackled this weekend for sure as it's the only thing distracting me from being ready for everything that 2013 is going to be lovingly tossing my way!! 
(Attitude is Everything!)
So, what's 2013 bringing for you? 
Are you working on special goals, starting new projects and hitting the ground running or are you taking it easy, sitting back and savoring each moment? 
I hope you're enjoying all of the above!
Until Nex Time,
Peace, Love and Ahhhh,...


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